Hillel loses court case against CSU


The Link reported that Concordia Hillel lost its court case against the CSU:

In an Oct. 10 decision, the Quebec Court of Appeals found against Hillel’s appeal on lifting the suspension of their lawsuit against the CSU. The court also found in favour of the CSU’s cross appeal to force the inclusion of the Union’s Judicial Board in the process.

The judgment, in my (admittedly non-legal-educated) opinion, seems on the face ridiculous. After all, the Judicial Board consists of people chosen by the CSU Council. The chances that Hillel would have gotten a fair hearing by the JB on this issue last year were pretty slim.

In plain language, this sucks. The CSU Council had no business banning Hillel last year, and the court ruling shouldn’t force Hillel to submit to heavy-handed blackmail.

Oh, and P.S., for anyone wondering what’s been going on at Concordia lately, SPHR is up to their usual Israel-bashing:

A petition presented to the CSU last week by members of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights has demanded the Union hold a general assembly on Nov. 6 to denounce Israel’s “apartheid wall” built along the border between Israel and the West Bank. Many human rights groups have condemned the wall, which groups say encroaches on Palestinian territory. The petition was signed by 250 students, even though only 100 are needed to force an assembly.

Yep, and if they called a general assembly asking people whether they thought all Zionists should be banned from the premises, it would probably get the 100 signatures in a heartbeat.

Great system, eh?

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1 bwas1 10.22.03 at 1:57 PM

The problem with Hillel’s ability to present a cogent case was the interference by a small radical fringe of far left jews who were allowed to intervene and confuse the issues. With 20/20 hind sight had other more establishment jewish organizations not officially intervened, these radicals probably would not have done so or would not have been permitted and possibly the outcome might have been different.

In terms of the future I believe Hillel should stick to their position and not sign the pledge. Since the real Hillel funding comes from the Hillel foundation and individual donations they really don’t need the CSU money. The CSU funding is really a matter of principal and Hillel should stick to theirs. Ultimately over time the issue will be a constant embarrasment both to the University and to a much lessor extent the CSU and at some point the CSU will be forced to recind the resolution.


2 Peter 10.22.03 at 6:40 PM

Any court in the U.S. would have found that Hillel has a cause of action. I feel sorry for my coreligionists to the north.


3 Earl 10.24.03 at 4:52 PM

Perhaps a new petition is needed:

That the SPHR is full of shit and should be banned from campus.

I’m sure that we can find the signatures for that..


4 Me 10.27.03 at 2:14 AM


So the many Jews who challenge the Israeli occupation are “a small radical fringe of far left jews,” whereas those who support recruiting for an army (whose own soldiers are accusing the Israeli state of being) complicit in violating international and human rights law are “establishment jewish organizations”?

And Hillel should show its moral righteousness by NOT signing a pledge to desist from racist propagandizing?

Makes perfect nonsense.


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