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L. Ian MacDonald was on CHOM this morning talking politics with Terry DiMonte, like most Monday mornings. They were discussing Iraq, and how if we lined up George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein and asked Canadians to choose, about half of them right now would choose Saddam – the guy who (and I’m paraphrasing from memory here) “used mustard gas on his own people and rapes children in front of their parents as a torture technique. Nice guy, eh?”

Both were saying how ridiculous that is, and how they don’t understand it. And MacDonald said how there’s a difference between legitimate criticism of war priorities and of what would happen in the region after Saddam was ousted, and irresponsible blanket criticism based on “a wave of anti-Americanism in this country, which is not unlike antisemitism in that they’re both based on envy.”

I always liked that guy.

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