SARS panic


SARS panic is spreading – sometimes in absurd ways. Now the British Government is warning against travel to Toronto and today’s Gazette had a story (no link) that tells about how children who’ve visited Canada have had to go into quarantine before being allowed back to school in London, England. In one case, two teenagers were not allowed back to school after their ski vacation to Whistler, BC, but, the article says, they managed to talk their way back into class – probably after showing someone a map.

Closer to home, the band Styx cancelled a show (for the second time) scheduled for Montreal because of SARS fears in Toronto, much to the derision of disappointed fans. The morning show on CHOM spent a while making fun of the band and their management.

All of this despite the fact that there haven’t been any reported cases of SARS from people who were not in direct contact with an infected person.

Is all of this scary? Sure it is. But people are going way overboard. This is getting ridiculous.

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1 Ikram Saeed 11.30.-1 at 12:00 AM

Even more shocking — Styx is still around!?


2 Peter Lehrer 04.26.03 at 2:47 AM

If Styx cancelled a show it must be getting very bad.


3 Peter Lehrer 04.26.03 at 2:50 AM

40,000 people die every year on the roads in the U.S. (and another 40,000 die in violent crime) so the British government should warn its citizens against visiting non-bitish america.


4 Dave 04.27.03 at 2:00 AM

“I’m sailing away…”

Just not to Toronto.


5 mr_b2b2 04.27.03 at 8:14 AM

I’m quarantining my Montreal friends for 10 days after visiting toronto


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