Payette named next Governor General


Former astronaut Julie Payette has been named Canada’s next Governor General, taking over from David Johnston in September. And of course, the internet is all abuzz, because a woman is doing a job that has clearly was made for a man… even though Payette is exceptionally qualified, will be the fourth woman to hold the […]

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Trump’s lack of discipline: It’s not a good thing


Nope, nope, nope. All due respect, Michelle Goldberg, but I disagree with you on 100% on this one. If there is the barest sliver of consolation, it’s that Trump appears almost as miserable and anxiety-ridden as we are. He’s losing the tiny bit of control he had. It’s better for Trump to show us all […]

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Canada’s First Nations relations: An open letter to Justin Trudeau


Dear Justin Trudeau: There’s a LOT to criticize about Canada’s relationship with our First Nations, both past and present. So, two thoughts about this statement: 1. Words matter. Tone matters. On this, I will commend you for your words and for attempting to strike a real dialogue for perhaps the first time in Canadian history. […]

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Quebec economy in pretty good shape


This is getting buried in the news cycle. But it’s actually a pretty big deal, and a sign that Quebec’s economy is in its best shape since before the ’95 referendum: U.S. bond rating agency S&P Global has boosted Quebec’s credit rating to AA- – helping the province surpass neighbouring Ontario for the first time. […]

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Cuba-US relations: One step forward, one giant Trump leap back


When I visited Cuba in December, the Cubans and Americans I met were all optimistic about the continued thawing of relations between the two countries following Barack Obama’s historic easing of restrictions. But, leave it to Donald Trump to make that one more thing on the list of everything he is massively screwing up: Trump […]

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Gender and stereotypes: What Obama got wrong in his Montreal speech


Barack Obama gave a widely-anticipated speech in Montreal today. I watched online and, for most of it, Obama was in fine form: Eloquent, respectful, inspiring. But then there was an odd section, late in the speech, about gender equality and advancing the cause of women. Which included this line: “I did conclude at a certain […]

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Macron wins in France


Thanks, France, for voting for the only sane option and bucking the populist demagogue trend. Macron, 39, a former economy minister who ran as a “neither left nor right” independent promising to shake up the French political system, took 66% to Le Pen’s 34%. His victory was hailed by his supporters as holding back a […]

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NHL won’t go to Pyeongchang Olympics


I guess Team Canada won’t be defending its gold medal in Pyeongchang. The NHL won’t participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics. For the first time since 1994, NHL players will not attend the Winter Olympics. The league has released a statement saying it “considers the matter officially closed.” The IOC confirmed to CBC Sports Monday […]

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Andrew Potter, freedom of speech, and the pile-on effect


The Gazette’s Allison Hanes weighs in on the Andrew Potter debate: We live in the age of the digital lynch mob, where our slightest missteps get magnified, stupid remarks snowball and ill-considered words live on in infamy. Potter is not the first to be scorched by the blowback from this vicious cycle. [ . . . ] […]

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Mental Health in Canada: Let’s do more than talk


Campaigns like “Let’s Talk” are all well and good when it comes to ending the stigma and launching a conversation. But it’s not enough to just talk about mental health. We urgently need to fix our system to provide better access treatment, prevention and education. The Globe and Mail’s #OpenMinds Series has some practical, common-sense […]

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