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A man in the US who killed his wife is claiming caffeine insanity as a defence:

A Kentucky man accused of strangling his wife is poised to claim excessive caffeine from sodas, energy drinks and diet pills left him so mentally unstable he couldn’t have knowingly killed her, his lawyer has notified a court.

Crazy as it may seem, this defence has apparently worked at least once before. Because, after all, it is America, the land where personal responsibility is a dirty word and where everything is somebody else’s fault.

But this was the kicker in the article:

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — published by the American Psychiatric Association showing standard criteria for the classification of mental disorders — defines overdose as more than 300 mg. That’s about three cups of coffee.

Wow. I guess that means that everyone who works in the ad biz is crazy. Then again, we kind of already knew that.

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