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I miss hockey


There’s nothing more depressing than a pub in late October with no hockey on the big screen.

Players, owners, settle this thing already. We need our hockey back.


Or, at least it looks like it’s going to be back in the fall. The NHL and the NHLPA have announced an agreement in principle that, if ratified, will finally end the lockout that cancelled this season:

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed, but TSN of Canada is reporting it is a six-year deal with a hard team-by-team salary cap with a first-year payroll range of $21 million to $39 million, including all player costs. The salary cap and payroll range will move up or down as revenues increase or decrease each year of the deal.

The players caved, basically. And they have to be feeling pretty low about the fact that this deal is worse than the one they rejected in February.

It looks like there will be a draft on July 21st using a lottery format, and that things will be back to normal for the start of next season – but not quite. The league lacks a US television deal, major sponsors have cancelled, and attendance is sure to be down. It’s anyone’s guess how long it will take the league to recover, if ever.

One question: how long will it take for Bob Goodenow to be fired?


Is it over?


The NHL lockout may be very close to over, with reports that the NHLPA caved and agreed to a salary cap: And a later Internet report, quoting anonymous sources, said the league and the union had agreed to a floating cap based on the percentage of team revenues — with a floor of US$22-million to […]

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Imaginary hockey


What do Canadians do when there’s no NHL hockey? We imagine it.

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Don’t. Care. Anymore.


The NHLPA rejected 2 more proposals by NHL owners. Yawn. It’s sad but I hardly even care anymore. This does not bode well for the league’s future, when even fans like me are losing interest.

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Another nail in the NHL’s coffin


The NHL has cancelled next year’s draft since there’s still no agreement reached between the players and owners. Oh well, there goes next season. I can’t even work up anger anymore. Just a kind of frustrated resignation.

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Players cave, but still no deal


The NHLPA swerved first in the salary cap game of chicken that the two sides have been playing for months. But there’s still no deal. I’d initially been annoyed with the players for refusing to acknowledge that they couldn’t keep earning NBA salaries with NHL revenues. But their willingness – albeit last-minute – to remove […]

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NHL = No Hockey League


Things are looking really bleak for the NHL these days, with common ground still eluding the players and owners as the seconds tick down on any chance to save the season: Last week, the players offered to take an across-the-board 24 per cent pay cut on existing contacts to help settle the stalemate. The league […]

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New NHLPA proposal


Please please please let this new NHLPA proposal be a real option, containing some sort of concession towards a salary cap, and not just another political nonstarter. We want our hockey back, not more Movie Night in Canada. Between the NHL lockout, the SAQ strike, and the UPS strike, to name a few, I’m considering […]

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And now back to our regularly-scheduled programming…


Yes, believe it or not, there is other news besides the US election. Starting with the fact that nobody can figure out what’s wrong with Arafat. I’ve heard discounted diagnoses ranging from stomach cancer to leukemia to AIDS. If you ask me, what’s wrong with him is a complete, utter lack of a conscience, coupled […]

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