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Another typical day at the UN

Another typical day at the UN.

A resolution is proposed criticizing Israel for the deaths of three UN workers. The United States vetoes it. A resolution is proposed condemning terrorism against Israelis in the Kenya attacks. Syria votes against it.

And the beat goes on . . .

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  • segacs 12.21.02, 6:36 PM

    Just wait, I bet it’s coming.

    “Global warming a result of Zionist-American imperialism”. I can just see the headlines.

  • Jonny 12.21.02, 7:03 PM

    In 1989, the Israeli author Amos Oz said that if the arabs proposed a resolution in the UN General Assembly blaming the earthquake in Iran on Israel, the resolution would pass with 159 votes in favour, 6 votes against and 27 abstentions.

    He said Canada would vote in favour of the resolution and then claim that they really didn’t support it.

    Interestingly, just after I arrived in Canada (mid 2001), an editorial appeared in one of the mainstream papers arguing that Canada didn’t really support a ridiculous anti-Israel resolution for which they had just voted. The editorial was written by the Canadian foriegn affairs minister.

  • segacs 12.21.02, 8:19 PM

    Canada’s got a long history of playing both sides. I guess the government figures that as long as it never takes a real position, everyone will like Canada.

  • Jonny 12.22.02, 5:52 AM

    I’m only suprised that the UN haven’t introduced a resolution blaming Israel for global warming.

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