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More media coverage of the Concordia Hillel situation

These are just a few of the articles with updates. If you come across more, let me know.

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  • Tony 05.31.04, 12:28 PM

    There are all sorts of troublemakers in our world ranging from Bush, the fraudulently elected dimwitted servant of the Rumsfeld group who are servants of..who are servants of, with Richard Pearle being an arch sleazebag amidst it..and involved with conspiracy since Reagan/Bush snr and the hostage fraud to oust Carter.Bush was put into power to stop Al Gore getting rid of the pre-emptive strike concept and in my opinion “911” was, like Pearl Harbour,known to be on the cards, known to be coming (and the sacrifice of lives knowingly permitted) and set up to get the result it did. The USA is the political and moral cess pit of this planet, involved, as is Israel, in copious assassination and political disruption for its own end. No wonder many many people believe in /realise there is..an “Illuminati”…and where does that trail lead? to be continued, stay tuned;

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