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Get your story straight

The CSU council decided to ban Operation SICK from ever having the right to become an official club at Concordia… but the SPHR-cronies who pushed the ban vote through on council can’t seem to decide on a consistent excuse.

-“We banned it cause it’s racist!”

That’s inconsistent to say the least.

-“No, I mean, we banned it cause it’s affiliated with Israeli Hasbara.

So what?

-“We disagree with OpSICK’s political stance.

But that doesn’t give you the right to ban them.

-“Whoops, I meant that my problem is really that it’s not honest about its affiliation with Hasbara.”

Well, you found out pretty easily; it can’t be THAT big a secret. Besides, how about a little honesty about who really funds SPHR?

-“Um, what I REALLY meant is that we banned it cause it’s redundant, there are already similar groups on campus.”

Again, so what?

-“I mean… I mean… hell, it’s run by pro-Israel people and we don’t like you and we’re not gonna let you become a club no matter what, so screw you and stop asking us for a legitimate reason cause we don’t actually have one!”

And that, of course, is the crux of the matter. Council had no legitimate reason to ban Operation SICK (which, by the way, does not focus only on Palestinians, but on groups from countries all over the world who use child soldiers or incitement of hatred among children). They just decided that it was a group run by their “enemies” (read: Jews, Zionists) so they would come up with some reason to ban it. Just like they came up with a ridiculous excuse to ban Concordia Hillel last year.

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  • joe 12.20.03, 6:13 AM

    How come non of the comments on the Link you refer to actually come from any CSU Councilors? Aren’t you just reading other people’s arguiments into Council’s decision?

    Hillel was suspended for passing out flyers recruiting for the IDF, which is illegal in Canada.

    Hillel’s court case against the CSU has been thrown out of court.

  • joe 12.20.03, 8:02 AM

    Race-baiting, the purpose of this propaganda tool of the Israeli government, is right up there with your Reaganite charges of “reverse racism”

  • joe 12.20.03, 12:07 PM

    So is OpSICK against the incitement to hatred of Israeli children also?



  • gil 12.20.03, 10:22 PM

    I have an idea, why don’t we just take Palestinian children away from their inciting parents and put them into residential schools so they can learn to be civilzed.

  • but the CJC can ban what it wa 12.21.03, 2:35 PM

    Free speech shut down at Toronto school

    I object to the willingness of the CJC to interfere in a public school and tell students what they can and cannot do to promote dialogue and discussion.

    >by Max Silverman
    December 17, 2003

    In grade 11, I transferred from the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT) to Northern Secondary School, a public school also in Toronto. My decision was primarily because I could no longer stand to be in the untenable situation at CHAT where anyone who strayed from the party line — that of an “Israel is always right” mentality — was branded an anti-Semite and a traitor. Dissent was muffled and propaganda was rampant.

    For you see, unlike most students at CHAT, I am active in a group called Jewish Youth Against the Occupation (JYATO), as well as various other local social-justice oriented groups.

    I hoped that by changing to Northern, I would be able to express myself freely, and engage in educated and open debate. Until

  • Free Speech and Segacs 12.21.03, 2:36 PM
  • Me 12.21.03, 3:52 PM

    Nicely packaged post segacs, except:

    1) I’m not a CSU councillor or an SPHR crony.

    2) I’ve been consistent regarding my objection to OpSHIT.

    3) I’ve specified that this is MY own particular objection.

    4) Unlike you, I only use one name to post on the Link’s comment boards.

    So: why elide my opinion with others’ and make it out to be the opinion of the CSU council/SPHR cronies?

    Are you that incapable of separating individuals from organizations, or do all the pro-Palestinians count as a single thing you?

  • joe 12.21.03, 10:55 PM
  • Malia 12.23.03, 7:16 AM

    Decoding Muslim propaganda:


  • Malia 12.23.03, 7:18 AM

    Remember Arabs/Muslims and their supporters don’t like the truth. They’ll resort to lies and violence to suppress the truth. Fight them with the truth! The truth will set them free!

  • Malia 12.23.03, 7:25 AM

    It seems like your blog is being infested by trolls. The “Israelly Cool” blog had to ban “Michael Talisman” because he was posting tons of anti-Jewish propaganda. He is nut!Maybe you should think about it.
    On the other hand, their stupidity supports your arguments. These people don’t know how to debate because they don’t have any arguments to use unless they lie. Anway, God bless and rest assured most non-Jewish Americans support Israel!

  • joe 12.23.03, 1:38 PM

    Oh Malia,

    What’s with all the Joseph Farah stuff on your website? Do you openly support homophobes?

  • joe 12.23.03, 5:50 PM

    You answer decoding Israeli Propaganda with “Decoding Muslim propagnda.” Are you discriminating on the basis of religion Malia? I thought America was a country that supported religious tolerance, or is that one nation under (one) God, with liberty and justice for all Judeo-Christians?

  • joe 12.23.03, 5:54 PM

    Malia writes

    “Arabs/Muslims … don’t like the truth. They’ll resort to lies and violence”

    Agree with this racist shit Segacs?

  • Knave 12.24.03, 6:28 PM

    You don’t suppress dissenting opinions Malia, you respond to them. If you kick people away from your discussions, then they will just talk among themselves, and that doesn’t help anybody.

  • OpSick 07.01.04, 6:51 PM

    OpSick was created as a political tool to turn worldwide support away from Palestine. It is a way for Israel to fight back against Palestine’s human rights complaints. That is the problem with the affiliation with Israel Hasbara.

    While it does pretend to focus on several issues, one only has to glance at their website to realise that their principal concern is Palestine. Even then, their site is more indignation than an actual attempt to do anything.

    Wanting to give the students at Concordia a chance, CSU Council only asked that they change their name and remove their affiliation with OpSick. The students refused.

    They appealed their decision to the S&A committee and even suggested a name that was a parody of SPHR. The S&A committee again refused to approve them.


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