Israeli election


Israel is going to the polls in 4 days, and the election has been fraught with scandals, mud-slinging, and all the dirty campaign tricks in the book . . . but guess what, it’s still an election! In other words, the citizens get to choose between different candidates, and their vote counts! Note that it’s the only country in the Middle East where this is at all possible.

Not an Israeli? Want to learn about Israeli democracy anyway? Register your mock vote at

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1 jaws 01.23.03 at 10:48 PM

As for elections, I read this blog posting on another site:

I almost died when I saw this sign. “The difference between Bush and Saddam is that Saddam was elected.” I guess this guy actually believes that Saddam Hussein got 100% of his country’s vote a few months ago. I honestly wouldn’t have thought that anyone could be that utterly naive, but this is San Francisco.


2 Peter 01.24.03 at 3:37 AM

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