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FrontPageMag has an open letter by Oubai Mohammad Shahbandar that, IMHO, ought to be required reading for everyone: (via Wadi)

When I, a proud American of Arab decent and Muslim faith, took a stand on behalf of the liberation of my oppressed Iraqi brethren, the ASU Muslim Students’ Association personally attacked me for not being a real Muslim and announced to the ASU student body in editorials in the student paper that I Oubai Mohammad Shahbandar was a hater of Arabs and Muslims. There was no press conference by the president of this university or anyone else in his administration in behalf of this Muslim victim of Islamist hate.

We didn’t land on terror, terror landed on us. But our professors tell us America is to blame, our universities sponsor “educational” programs designed to install in the American student a sense of shame for being American, and yet here we are on the cusp of a great struggle in human history between the forces of decency and democracy and tyranny and terror. Yet we are told America is to blame for terror.

[ . . . ]

This August I will be heading to Israel to study counter terrorism under a program hosted by the Foundation for the Defense of Democracy. I, a Muslim Arab was able to attend this program largely due to the gracious sponsorship of David Horowitz, a Jew. No multicultural sensitivity class made that possible. I will not stand idly by as our professors and our universities pave the road for terror’s long march into humanity’s last sanctuary of freedom.

What contribution will you make to the cause of liberty, to our nation’s security?

I am a Muslim American Arab and I am willing to fight for my country. How about you?

Yes, go read the rest.

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1 John Anderson 06.11.03 at 1:05 AM

” we must remember that 9-11 was about diversity too.”

Yeah – destroying it.

Recent factoid, uncertain of verity:
*Where did “PC” speech come from? Communism! *


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