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Testing ground for terrorism

I’ve long maintained that Israel is a “testing ground” for terrorism, just as Spain was Hitler’s testing ground for weapons during the Spanish Civil War. Don’t fight terrorism in Israel and it will spread.

September 11th was proof. So was Bali, Kenya, Yemen, and more examples too numerous to list. Now Hamas is urging Iraq to use suicide bombers against American and British troops.

The militant group Hamas, which has carried out scores of suicide bombings in Israel, urged Iraq on Friday to copy its tactics and send thousands of attackers with explosives strapped to their bodies into a battle against American and British troops in Iraq.

“We call on the Arabs and Muslims to burn the land under the feet of the American invaders, especially our brothers in Saudi Arabia because this war is not against Iraq, it’s against the Islamic nation,” Hamas leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi told a rally in this impoverished shanty encampment.

I hate it when my predictions appear to come true, even when they’re obvious ones to call.

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  • Michael 01.10.03, 10:07 PM

    It’s just a matter of time before Dr. Rantisi, the pediatrician of death, has an explosive suppository stuck up his ass.

    Sorry to be so crude…he deserves it.

    Shabbat Shalom

  • Peter 01.11.03, 1:05 AM

    I’ve long maintained that Hama has to
    wiped off from the face of the earth.

  • Steve Brandon 01.11.03, 4:06 AM

    I don’t know about that… I have a much higher opinion (relatively speaking) of Iraqi troops than I do of Hamas nutbars. If Bush and Blair turn up the heat just a tiny, tiny bit, I suspect they’ll surrender en masse. From what I understand, the Iraqis, on the whole, don’t subscribe to the “death cult” sects of Islam, just the rational kind.

  • Steve Brandon 01.11.03, 4:08 AM

    Not that the above should be taken as a defense of Saddam or anything like that or even anti-war sophistry.

  • Me 01.11.03, 4:29 AM

    Perish the thought that one such as you would engage in anti-war sophistry.

    Keep on colonizin’.

  • Steve Brandon 01.11.03, 4:40 AM

    Hell yeah, I’m all for a Middle Eastern “Marshall Plan” run by Americans, from Saudi Arabia to Syria to Iran, until some sort of democracy can be established. But I don’t consider American “Imperialism”, political, cultural, commercial or otherwise, to be a “bad” thing on the whole.

  • Peter 01.11.03, 1:18 PM

    Steve, you are exactly right about Iraqi
    troops surrendering en masse. Once the
    first allied soldier enters Iraq the whole
    thing will be over. Those Iraqi
    generals know that their futures don’t
    lie with Saddam Hussein.

    Me, it is not colonizing. It is making
    the world safe for democracy.

  • Ikram Saeed 01.12.03, 2:57 AM

    Suicide bombings have a much longer history than HAMAS. The modern terrorist group that really perfected that tactic, and showed how successful it can be, is the LTTE in Sri Lanka. They’ve successfully bombed several Sri Lankan leaders, and killed Rajiv Gandhi.

    Palestinian terrorists used to be infiltrators accross the border, or plane hijackers (back in the day). Neither of those tactics are very successful, and I think both have been generally abandoned.

    (The LTTE had some other tactics that have not been widely-adopted, including the infamous “cyanide pill” that operatives used to carry.)

  • trevalyan 01.12.03, 4:19 AM

    Indeed, Ikram. Speaking as a Sri Lankan, who is half Tamil AND Sinhalese, I’m proud to note that they have actually ENDED their war, as it would be insanely stupid and suicidal to continue with it. I’m sorry to say that other people have not learned the lessons of the modern era.

  • jaws 01.12.03, 5:11 AM

    Also Hizbullah utilizized suicide bombs back in 1982 in Lebanon against the US and French Embassies and barracks

  • Ikram Saeed 01.12.03, 6:07 AM

    Yep. But it was a long long war. To some extent, the LTTE won, as the idea of a federal Sri lanka, which Colombo opposed in the 50s, looks like it will happen. Of course, they could have stopped fighting 5 or 6 years ago and gotten the same deal. I think Kumratanga, before she was suicide-bombed and lost her eye, was willing to concede that.

    Did the EPLF or ELF also use suicide-bombs? Or was it solely a LTTE innovation? I can’t remember.

    I’ve checked out your blog. Good design, but a very narrow column. But one question, why the laser focus on Israel/Palestine, to the exclusion of nearly every other issue. Why no blogging on Sri Lanka? Or on the Alliance/JC/etc? Or the travails of your local hockey team?

  • trevalyan 01.12.03, 10:51 PM

    Hmm. I guess because I usually don’t watch sports, concentrating on going to shows my friends play at downtown. 🙂 As for the Canadian Alliance, they aren’t doing much for the country, which in turn isn’t doing much on the global scene. But who knows? I’ll take your advice into consideration… good advice should always be heeded.

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