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Transit strike over

The transit strike is over – and not a moment too soon:

The union representing 2,050 striking workers announced that more than 90 per cent voted in favour of the new contract with the Montreal Transit Corp. after learning the details in a closed-door meeting earlier in the day.

Transit service was to be gradually reinstated to full service throughout the day Sunday.

Montrealers had been forced to cope with limited bus and subway service during weekday rush hours and for two hours late at night since the employees walked off the job Nov. 16.

While a bunch of overpaid maintenance workers argued over pension allocations, thousands of seniors couldn’t get to doctors’ appointments, shift workers couldn’t get to jobs, and students couldn’t get to classes.

I’m glad the strike is over. But if I’d ever entertained the notion of giving up my car and becoming a more environmentally-friendly citizen by relying on public transit, this strike was a good reminder to forget it.

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