U.S. urges Canada to help rebuild Iraq


And on the same note, the Globe and Mail reports that the U.S. is urging Canada to help rebuild Iraq. In a speech by U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, he said that Canada’s relationship with the United States is currently strained, but that we may have an opportunity to heal it somewhat:

“While we are disappointed that Canada did not join us and the other coalition members in liberating Iraq, now we must move forward and align ourselves once again in shared, creative efforts that serve the Iraqi people,” he said in a speech to the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, host of the two-day summit.

I can’t imagine why Canada would turn down this eminently reasonable request. My questions are more about why the United States would offer it in the first place.

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1 AlexCV 04.08.03 at 7:08 PM

What the hell does the Homeland Security Secretary have to do with foreign policies? That clearly shows what exactly is running washington these days.


2 Hanthala 04.09.03 at 7:09 PM

Great, now Canada-the-good can make some $$$profits$$$ and keep its image.


3 xavier 04.11.03 at 3:35 AM

Beleive it or not the free trade treaty is why the Americans offered Canda a spot in the reconstruction.According to an article by Bryant in today’s Montreal Gzette, there’s an anti-discrimination clause in the treaty. I thought that was an interesting tidbit


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