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Federation weighs in

Federation CJA has issued a release condemning Concordia’s decision on Ehud Barak:

“This is a day of great sadness for those who value freedom of expression in our universities and in Canadian society,” stated Federation CJA President Sylvain Abitbol. “Concordia University has allowed itself to be taken hostage by a small and violent group within its campus. With this decision, Concordia has demonstrated that the right to free speech is only as strong as the institutional will to protect it.”

I wonder how long we’ll have to wait to see similar condemnations from Muslim community leaders. I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Update: The Montreal Gazette, the CBC, and Canoe all have the story. Lots more coverage sure to follow. I’m sure the university won’t know what hit them.

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  • Bill 10.05.04, 12:18 AM

    Maybe Federation was angry about some other stuff…

  • Greg 10.19.04, 2:54 AM

    Anyone who doesn’t agree with Bram is a self-hating Jew…

  • Greg 10.19.04, 2:55 AM

    Only Bram had the courage to leave Concordia when it became a haven for evil un-Canadian Arabs..not like these other self-hating weaklings

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