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Happy Thanksgiving

A non-Jewish friend asked me why it was that we don’t really celebrate Thanksgiving. After all, it’s not a religious holiday.

I had to answer that I wasn’t really sure. Thanksgiving isn’t all that big a deal here – it’s not like it is in the US, for example – but most people still get together for a family meal or something. And yes, plenty of Jewish people do so as well. But upon reflection I realized she was right; the vast majority of my Jewish friends and relatives just treat Thanksgiving like a convenient legal holiday.

The best I can figure, it’s because we’re all holidayed out. After Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot… by the time Thanksgiving rolls around, we’ve had more than enough of big family meals and holidays for a while.

However you spent your Thanksgiving weekend, hope it was a good one.

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  • Josh 10.12.04, 7:09 PM

    American Thanksgiving usually comes over a month after our holidays and is also a chance to get together with non-frummie friends, and/or frummie friends who live further away and you don’t get to see otherwise.

    Canadian thanksgiving just seems like a bad copy with no pilgrims/turkey/’national’ motifs, and definitely, you’ve been holidayed out. This year especially with three very long weekends.

  • DaninVan 10.13.04, 5:03 PM


    Turkey knishes; mmmmm…

  • Eric 10.13.04, 10:59 PM

    Thanksgiving is huge here in Vancouver. I wonder if maybe it’s just not a huge thing in Montreal.

  • DaninVan 10.14.04, 2:10 AM

    Eric; Thanksgiving turkey was huge here in Vancouver!

  • Hanthala 10.14.04, 8:37 PM

    Not so much in Montreal. Segacs, I think it does have religious roots or undertones. Protestant ones. Maybe that’s why not that many Quebecers celebrate it.

  • shawn 10.14.04, 9:44 PM

    It’s interesting if it IS because English Jewish Quebecers (i.e. Montrealers) are kind of distinct. There are other little differences I’ve noticed, too (being one myself).

    I think my American Jewish cousins made a big deal about Thanksgiving.

    Let’s not forget Sukkot is a big harvest-type festival, too. In fact the whole fall Jewish Holiday period just ended, which might put a crimp in it, as well.

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