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Victory for moderates at Concordia

For the second year in a row, the moderates have won the CSU elections, thus ensuring that – at least for next year – the university will not be overtaken by those merely interested in shit-disturbing for headlines:

In election results announced just moments ago, Chief Electoral Officer Tara Tavender has declared victory for New Evolution, who gained exactly 50 per cent of the vote in this year’s election.

This is good news indeed. New Evolution was the slate favoured to win by – among others – Concordia Hillel, as it has promised to take a moderate, apolitical stand on Mideast issues.

Of course, there could still be trouble ahead:

The victory may be short-lived, however, as contestations are expected from both Renaissance Concordia and Concordians In Action, claiming that the New Evolution slate violated election regulations to get more votes.

Contestations are almost a standard occurrance. And I don’t know enough about this election to know whether they will have a leg to stand on. We’ll have to see. In the meantime, the students have spoken, and they’ve spoken against rioting and turmoil on campus. Let’s hope they get their wish.

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  • Concordia Student 03.26.04, 10:41 PM

    Viva la Evolution.

    This is amazing.

  • Steve Brandon 03.26.04, 11:35 PM

    I’m ambivalent, since New Evolution moved left and is no longer non-activist, but I am jubilant that QPIRG lost the referendm question on the fee levy, since they support groups with all sorts of wacky agendas (with the student fees of all Concordians; yes, you can get it refunded, but you have to go through the intimidation of asking them directly). Here’s an exposé about “Public Interest Research Groups” in general, though it’s from an American perspective so it primarily focuses on the links to Ralph Nader and the Green Party.

  • Eric 03.27.04, 9:16 PM

    I’m pretty happy with it all… the per-credit thing for the Potato gives me mixed feelings… I’m all for progressive fees rather than flat ones, but it is a fee increase from a union that’s still sorting out how to avoid tuition increases from other sources. The mergeing of the CSU fees will, I suppose, make it harder for people to opt out of individual projects, but I don’t know how easy that was to start with.

    A reasonable, businesslike exec two years running… we’d better be careful or we’ll lose that trademarked Concordia Anarchy. I think CIA would have had more bark but a similar amount of bite, so I wasn’t really scared this election… I don’t know too much about the councillors but I’m a tad disappointed that the guy that wasn’t Slater didn’t win the Senate seat. Another year of soapbox for him I guess… he will graduate or get jettisoned sooner or later, right?

  • Eric 03.27.04, 9:18 PM


    A few more weeks and it’s officially Not My Problem, and I’m happy the CSU’s in pretty good shape as I head out the door (for reasons that have very little to do with my piddly vote and brief flirtations with Council power).

  • Hanthala 03.28.04, 3:36 AM

    What did this group do last year? Couldn’t even organize against tuition hikes. Some “moderates.”

  • Concordia Student 03.28.04, 5:37 AM

    “he will graduate or get jettisoned sooner or later, right?”

    Sigh* No he probably won’t.

  • another concordia student 04.01.04, 10:40 PM

    I am not impressed by the “victory” of NE, given repeated allegations of campaign intimidation (RE: postering night, and a certain young lady being pushed by Evolution’s football goons) amongst numerous other events in that oh so obscure area of electoral events. CIA would have made the – hands down – best executive, as my feeling tells me that they would have been proactive around the tuition issue. That said, hopefully Evoution’s purported committment to fighting any tuition issue will not emerge as shallow rhetoric, yet rather amount into something. Time will only tell…

  • Concordia Student 04.01.04, 11:45 PM

    Thats BS, CIA didn’t even have a plan (or they didn’t tell us) for the tuition issue. All their members were freaking A&S students. Evolution is, without question, the most qualified slate.

  • yet another Concordia student 04.03.04, 1:10 AM

    Most qualified slate for a year of nose picking maybe.

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