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Yom Ha’Shoah Post #6: Yom Ha’Shoah

I must apologize. I posted for the five days leading up to today, but couldn’t find the time during the day to post on the actual day. Strange, isn’t it? I found the time to watch the hockey game, but not to write about the six million. What does that say about me?

But today was Yom Ha’Shoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. See Lynn and Imshin for some poignant reflections. And while you’re at it, pay a visit to the Yad Vashem website and see some of the exhibits currently showing in the museum.

Never Forget.

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  • DaninVan 04.21.04, 5:36 PM

    Sari; your computers down?

  • segacs 04.21.04, 6:02 PM

    Computer’s fine. Work’s crazy. No time to post. Will return soon.

  • DaninVan 04.21.04, 8:16 PM

    Hey! Get your priorities straight, eh!

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