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G8/G20 Rant

Fuck the moronic thugs who decided that setting police cars on fire and smashing store windows was an appropriate Saturday afternoon activity.

Fuck Stephen Harper and the Conservative government for thinking that hosting this summit in a major urban centre was an appropriate use of over a billion dollars of taxpayer money.

Okay, rant over.

The Toronto Star has a photo essay from this weekend. Sometimes, pictures really do say a thousand words.

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  • Andrea Evoy 06.28.10, 7:22 PM

    This isn't anarchy, it's stupidity. I particularly hope they arrest the woman breaking the window of the shop, what an idiot. I'm proud of Canada, but Toronto can go fuck itself if this is what it produces. And a billion dollars? I think you mean one thousand four hundred MILLION dollars. Think of how much that money could have done for, oh, say mother-child welfare. Dear Harper: no, I won't shut the fuck up. Your turn.

  • Chris Allen 06.28.10, 7:22 PM

    Any times there's a global summit you can expect these radical left anarchists show up and trash the place. If that's the only viable way your movement can draw attention to itself, you're irrelevant to begin with.

  • Alex Uher 06.28.10, 7:28 PM

    Agreed, and the ridiculous part is that things like this bring out the protesters for random and disassociated causes. Like harping about stopping seal clubbing, or rights of natives in Nunavut to have access to free air travel to and from atlanta during the month of june, in even numbered years.

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