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Payette named next Governor General

Former astronaut Julie Payette has been named Canada’s next Governor General, taking over from David Johnston in September. And of course, the internet is all abuzz, because a woman is doing a job that has clearly was made for a man… even though Payette is exceptionally qualified, will be the fourth woman to hold the post in Canada, and is representing the Queen (who, y’know, is also a woman).

Once again, The Beaverton nails it:

“It only took a master’s degree in engineering, knowing six languages, playing classical piano with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, being a mother, and maneuvering a space shuttle payload into the International Space Station to convince the man that Payette has what it takes to be the Queen’s symbolic representative in Canada.”

(HT: Liesl, who has basically become one of my primary sources of content lately.)

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