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Segacs’s World I Know was started back in 2002 by segacs. It is a blog about current and world events, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Mideast politics, Canadian, Quebec and local Montreal politics, my alma mater of Concordia University, and occasionally, hockey, just to name a few topics.

A little about me: I’m a proud Canadian, a federalist anglophone Quebecoise, and I have an ongoing love affair with my home city of Montreal. I’m Jewish and, though I’m not religious, I have a strong cultural and national Jewish identity. My passions include travel, writing, ranting, spouting off, and chocolate.

This blog is staunchly, unabashedly and wholeheartedly pro-Israel. Eretz Yisrael is in my heart and in my soul, and I will never hesitate to tell off anyone who would threaten its right to exist in peace and security. A broad spectrum of opinions are welcome here, and I will never shy away from a good debate. But if you’re here because you’re a hater, a terrorist apologist, or just a plain old-fashioned antisemite, please do everyone a favour and f#$% off.

Politically, I eschew labels and strongly believe that all sides of the political spectrum have what to answer for. I believe that freedom of speech is not only the sign of an open and healthy society, but also that it gives the idiots enough rope to hang themselves. I believe that true equality stems not from artificial quotas or politically-correct racism but from judging people as individuals. I believe in freedom of and freedom from religion, in a woman’s right to choose, in equal rights regardless of gender or sexual orientation, in the rights of workers and the public to be protected not only from their employers but also from their unions, that using terrorism as a tactic automatically invalidates whatever point that the terrorists were trying to make, and most of all, that the Habs are the greatest team in hockey history.

But most of all, I believe that it’s better to have ideas than to hold beliefs, because ideas are based on evidence and can evolve over time. The only thing more dangerous than a fool is a blind believer who is unwilling to admit to ever being wrong. I’m often wrong. I like being wrong. It means I am constantly learning.

For more information about me or this blog, check out the Frequently Asked Questions. For a history of some of the most popular posts, see the Hall of Fame.

You can contact me at segacs.at.segacs.com.