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The rent is too damn high? Not in Trundle, Australia:

An Australian rural community desperate to encourage new families to move in and revitalize the town is offering to rent farm houses to interested families for one Australian dollar a week. The hamlet of Trundle, 215 miles northwest of Sydney, has a population of 380.

 Like neighboring communities, it has struggled with years of drought and is hoping that the cheap rent — the equivalent of 95 U.S. cents a week — will bring in new life and help fill up schoolrooms.

Maybe Jimmy McMillan should consider moving Down Under.


A few things that have been on my mind lately:

1. Idiots are their own worst PR nightmare. Let ’em talk long enough, they’ll shoot themselves in the foot. No need to do it for them.

2. Laziness is an addition, just like alcoholism. And it has enablers. Don’t be one. Next time someone asks you a question instead of looking it up themselves, send them this link:

3. It seems to me that people are much less shutter-happy than they were a few years ago, and are more likely to put away the camera. Has the novelty of digital allowing us to take thousands of photos worn off? Do we have photo fatigue?

4. Food really does taste better on pretty new dishes.

5. I used to think that writers were just being hyperbolic when they talked about sirens “screaming”. Now I know better. They mean it literally.

6. Summer’s not over yet. There’s still almost a month to go until NHL Preseason begins.


Scott Adams solves the Mideast crisis


Plus, a whole bunch of other wars, conflicts, armed skirmishes, and general disputes: The Power of Ridiculous Reasons: I mention these examples because I think the world needs another ridiculous rule to solve some big problems. And it’s no fair saying my new rule is ridiculous because that’s exactly the point. The new rule would […]

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No more marriage in Texas?


Oh, the irony: Texas’ gay marriage ban may have banned all marriages Barbara Ann Radnofsky, a Houston lawyer and Democratic candidate for attorney general, says that a 22-word clause in a 2005 constitutional amendment designed to ban gay marriages erroneously endangers the legal status of all marriages in the state. The amendment, approved by the […]

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The decade in review


The first decade of the century (the 00’s?) is coming to a close in a little more than a month. A lot happened in the past ten years. Need a recap? Here’s Newsweek’s American-centric but still impressive 7-minute summary of the decade: Hard to believe that this time ten years ago, we were worried about […]

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The Little (Israeli) Mermaid?


Mermaid sightings in Kiryat Yam have been reported for the last several months: An alleged mermaid, said to resemble a cross between a fish and a young girl, only appears at sunset. It performs a few tricks for onlookers before disappearing for the night. One of the first people to see the mermaid, Shlomo Cohen, […]

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Schlep the vote?


You’ve heard of Rock the Vote? Now we have a movement targeted at a slightly different demographic. Sarah Silverman’s The Great Schlep is a movement to encourage Jewish (and other) Americans to travel to Florida to visit their grandparents and encourage them to vote for Barack Obama: (Warning: NSFW).

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No, really?


Here’s a shocker: Canadians don’t like to wait in line. In related news, the sky is blue.

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Poll time


Best meal of the week? Friday night dinner? Sunday brunch? view results

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Bill Gates no longer world’s richest man


The crown has passed… to Mexican multibillionaire Slim Helu, worth an estimated US $67.8 billion. Something tells me that Bill Gates isn’t too upset. His US $59.2 billion can buy a lot of consolation.

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