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Shameless plugs

Wow, 10 years!


Happy 10th blogiversary, Meryl!


I said it in my last post, but in case you didn’t get the message, here’s a repeat: If you’re not reading Imshin religiously lately, you need to be. As in, now.

Here are just a few reasons why:

There’s more. Much, much more. What are you still doing here? Head on over there and start reading.


New hockey blog


As the season kicks into gear, check out Illegal Curve, a new and very promising hockey blog with a very plugged-in list of contributors.

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Great travel blog


The Age has a fantastic backpackers travel blog, full of the kind of stories that make those of us who are backpacking junkies laugh out loud. Add a dash of sarcastic Australian wit, and you’ve got reading material that will make you want to jump on the next plane to wherever. Recommended.

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Red Rabbit in Africa


Andrea is blogging from Malawi this month. If you’re not already reading her, now would be an excellent time to start.

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Another shameless blog plug


Looking to read about something other than the Israel-Lebanon war? Visit New-at-This in Healthcare, a brand-new blog by a good friend of mine who is a medical student here in Montreal. Let’s give her a nice warm welcome to the blogosphere, shall we? Update: More friends getting into the spirit of things. Here’s another from […]

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A fight for survival


Imshin is fed up, and writes why: I started this blog in 2002 because I was so upset about the lies being told about Israel all the time. Lies being told and being believed. I don’t care any more. It doesn’t matter. We’ve always had to look out for ourselves. Today is no different. [ […]

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Shameless nepotism


I’d urge you to read Leslie’s blog even if he wasn’t my cousin. But since he is, and I haven’t linked to him yet, my horrible familial guilt is kicking in. Here’s an excerpt from today, on the Israeli Arabs who have been killed by Nasrallah’s rockets: So what is that? Taking one for the […]

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Around the Israeli blogosphere


The Israeli blogosphere is already reacting to the Qana strike. Here is some of what is being said: Allison smells a rat, sensing that not all is as it may seem: I am waiting patiently for a logical explanation of how a building gets bombed between 12 midnight and 1 AM, remains full of people […]

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On the radio


As an extension of the news article, my friend Iris was interviewed on 940 News Radio this evening. Listen to the clip here. Update: Unfortunately, this interview clip is no longer available.

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