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Shameless plugs

Around the blogosphere


Lisa recently moved to her new blog home. She’s got photos of her daily life after Ariel Sharon’s stroke. Sometimes pictures really do say a thousand words. Meryl has numbers proving conclusively that the so-called “truce” was a myth all along. She’s been saying that since it started. Nobody’s been listening. I’m betting not too […]

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Return of the blogger


Paul’s back. And blogging up a storm. Get thee over to his place, quick. Update: Paul also wins my prize for quote of the day, with this insightful analysis about the Tremblay-versus-Bourque municipal election race: Do any of you remember that episode of South Park where they’re selecting a new school mascot and are reduced […]

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We all knew this would happen, but it’s still hard to witness


The situation in Gaza post-pullout is pretty much what most rational people predicted, and is a shattering disillusionment for those who’d held out hope that the pullout would jump-start the peace process. Meryl, of course, is all over the story – here, here, and here are a few recent postings. And Lynn had no illusions […]

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Essential reads


If you aren’t reading Imshin, Damian or Lisa regularly, you’re missing out. Do yourselves a favour and surf on over there now. There’s not much to see here anyway; I’m still in too-busy-to-blog mode.

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Blogosphere roundup


I haven’t done one of these in a while. And some bloggers have been writing very, very good posts. So it’s high time, I guess. Here’s Lynn on so-called “messianic Judaism”: We Jews have been fighting this battle for nigh on two thousand years. Christians have been trying to explain to us where and how […]

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Around the Blogosphere


Autonomous Source has a story that’s getting little press coverage but could have widespread implications. Debbye warns us that Carolyn Parrish may be staging a comeback, now that Paul Martin’s so desperate to inflate his ranks with just about anyone. Why can’t she just disappear? Imshin and Lisa both share travel tales. And over at […]

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Blog plug


Check out The Observant Jew, a blog written by a former Montrealer friend who recently made aliyah to Israel. A very worthwhile read and a solid blogroll addition.

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Around the blogosphere


Too busy to blog at the moment, but never fear: there is so much worthwhile reading out there that you can keep plenty busy. Allison and Imshin pointed me towards Lisa’s story of how she came to Israel. I’m completely hooked. You will be too. So far, she’s got parts one, two, three and four. […]

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To-do lists


In the cool link of the day department, 43 things offers the opportunity to make a gigantic to-do list for your life. Hat tip: Elana, who wants more people to read her blog… so this post is kinda helping her accomplish one of her goals.

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Linky fun


If you’re not reading Imshin regularly these days, you should be. Here’s an example of why. While you’re at it, you can vote for her or Allison for a BlogAward, even though it’s pretty much a lost cause for anyone in that category. And while you’re at the blog awards site, vote for Meryl Yourish, […]

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