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Still Canada’s game


Hockey’s coming back to the ‘Peg: The True North Sports and Entertainment group announced on Tuesday that they have completed a deal to purchase the Atlanta Thrashers and move them to Winnipeg in time for the 2011-12 season. And, right on target with the wish-I-could-punch-him asinine comment is Gary Bettman: “Hockey in Canada has never […]

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On Chara-gate


By now, everyone in Montreal, Beantown and everywhere in between knows about the ugly hit by Zdeno Chara that landed Max Pacioretty in the hospital with a possible career-ending fractured vertebra and concussion: It still hurts to re-watch. And not just because we all know the outcome. With the news that no discipline would be […]

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The rescue of the 33 trapped Chilean miners, who have been underground for 69 days, is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. As of right now, two of the miners have been rescued so far, in a slow and emotionally-charged process. An American federal judge has issued an injunction against the […]

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We’ll miss you, Halak


Five thousand people turned up today for Halak’s farewell autograph session at Fairview. That’s about ten times the crowd that the organizers were expecting. And I hope that Gauthier – and Price – were both paying attention. Price won’t win any popularity contests if he keeps posting mediocre numbers and displaying a bad attitude. Halak […]

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Things I’ve been thinking about


A few things that have been on my mind lately: 1. Idiots are their own worst PR nightmare. Let ’em talk long enough, they’ll shoot themselves in the foot. No need to do it for them. 2. Laziness is an addition, just like alcoholism. And it has enablers. Don’t be one. Next time someone asks […]

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Hey NHL R&D: Stop killing hockey!


The NHL research and development camp is testing a series of potential new rules, with the aim of deciding which ones – if any – should be rolled out during the regular season. Here’s my recommendation: None of them. With the possible exception of no-touch icing – which is long overdue – most of these new rules would […]

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Laraque goes Green?


Wait, am I reading this right? Georges Laraque is now the deputy leader of the Green Party? The same Georges Laraque who, after two woeful seasons in a Habs’ jersey, thought this would be a logical career move? And to think people were taking the Greens seriously last election, even predicting that they would win […]

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Habs beat Pens in Game 7


We’re in the conference finals, baby!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Here was the scene in McLean’s Pub with about a minute left in the game: Penguins are going golfing. Habs are moving on to the conference finals for the first time since 1993. And – say it with me – we all know what happened in 1993. The […]

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With glowing hearts we see thee rise


It was the shot heard from coast to coast – Sidney Crosby’s overtime goal to win this hockey game 3-2 and secure the record-breaking 14th gold medal for Canada. A fitting feather in the cap of what have been incredible Olympic games. And they couldn’t have scripted it any better. Perfect photo finish. A moment, […]

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Canadian pride


We’ve now won 10 gold medals, which – at the moment, anyway – is more than any other team. Our athletes are impressing the hell out of everyone, on the skating rink, the ski hill, the hockey arena, the bobsled track, hell, even the curling rink. (Is curling even a sport? Debatable. But we are […]

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