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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you’ve always wanted to know about me and my blog… and everything you didn’t:

  1. Who are you?
    What do you mean, who are you? You mean to tell me you don’t KNOW??? *Gasp!* I’m the author of this blog. Read more about me.
  2. Where are you from?
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Born and raised.
  3. Are you Jewish?
  4. But if you’re Jewish, aren’t you biased in your opinions about the Middle East?
    Yes. But we’re all biased in one way or another. We’re all human so we’re limited by perception, and there’s no such thing as impartiality. Only a lot of truly biased people trying to pretend to be impartial.
  5. Why do you keep talking about Concordia University?
    Because of the political unrest and tensions that take place on campus. In many ways, they are a microcosm of the whole middle east conflict, and on what’s wrong with activism today. Oh yeah, and cause I went there. So I know a lot about it. By the way, I don’t think I talk about it that much anymore. But see the archives if you’re interested.
  6. What foundation or basis do you have for your opinions?
    Absolutely none. This is just me spouting off. But then, it’s my site, so I can say what I want.
  7. I love your blog. Can I link to you?
    Of course.
  8. Will you link to me in return?
    Probably. Unless your site contains racist, pornographic, or otherwise offensive material. Or unless I simply don’t like what you have to say.
  9. But what if I think you’re an idiot?
    Post a comment or e-mail me and let me know. It’s a free country.
  10. Are you in politics?
  11. Are you a lawyer?
    Nope. (Why are so many bloggers lawyers anyway?)
  12. Are you a student?
    No, not anymore.
  13. So what the heck do you do for a living?
    I’m in advertising. I work for a leading digital marketing agency here in Montreal. (Disclaimer: this site has nothing to do with my employer or my job – the opinions here are all my own).
  14. But isn’t advertising evil?
    Did the CSU tell you to ask me that?
  15. Why should I take the word of an evil person?
    Nobody told you to take my word for anything.
  16. What’s your political leaning? Left or right?
  17. No, really?
    Really. Too far left is the same as too far right. The idea is to find the happy medium. Besides, both the Left and the Right keep changing their minds on what they believe. I just have my own views, and you can call them whatever you want.
  18. So then you vote Liberal?
    Usually, but I reserve the right to vote for whoever I think is best on a case-by-case basis.
  19. Aha! You voted Liberal. You’re a traitor to the Right!
    Sorry you feel that way. But the Conservatives scare me.
  20. Aha! Said you might not vote Liberal next time. You’re a traitor to the Left!
    Sorry you feel that way. But the NDP scares me.
  21. If train A leaves Montreal at 100km/h and train B leaves Toronto at 90km/h, when will there be peace in the Middle East?
    As Golda Meir said: There will be peace when they love their children more than they hate ours.
    As I said: When I remember my high school math.
  22. I have more questions you didn’t answer here. Where can I ask them?
    E-mail me anytime. If they’re really good I may even post them up here.