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Weekend update


I hope everyone had a nice weekend, spending time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

In case you’re looking for some entertainment, check out the Link’s board for more on the story below, and a very indignant Adam Slater initiating a pissing contest. Reading the interaction I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry at the sheer idiocy of politics at Concordia.

Ah yes, and don’t forget to vote tomorrow!


Well, this is a bald threat if I’ve ever heard one: The SPHR and other activist groups are threatening a protest that will “make the September 9 protest look like nothing” in order to voice their displeasure with the election of Evolution to the CSU:

In an attempt to send a message to the both the administration and to already beleaguered students, activist groups are planning to stage a massive protest, one prominent student politician tells me. At issue is the policy of the new Executive to put activism second and academics first. The act of civil disobedience will apparently “make the September 9 protest look like nothing. They will take over the entire Hall Building.” What’s more, people will be flown in from outside of the country “to do the dirty work.”

My source, who has strong contacts with many student associations (including the SPHR), assures me that this protest will take place sometime in the early fall, and that it will “show that only CSU slates that support activism will be able to maintain order at Concordia.” “People should have voted for Clean Slate,” he says, “because they support activism. The message is that Concordia is about activism.”

This is the way these people operate. They hail democracy as long as it works in their favour. But if students democratically elect people they disagree with, they try to blackmail the students by threatening violence.

Absolutely disgusting. Not too surprising, though.

(Via Wordniness).

Update: Having posted this on the Link’s website, in a response by Adam Slater, he seems to suggest that this may not be true. Well, I can’t confirm or deny it one way or the other. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But, like I wrote in response to Mr. Slater, there’s only one way to find out: if there’s a riot in September, then I guess it’s true. Although I’m sure the SPHR cronies will maintain that “the Zionists started it”, like they did after September 9th.


CSU up to its old tricks


Having faded from the front-page headlines, the CSU is up to its old tricks again. The Union has failed to comply with the university’s demand (as required by the CSU’s own bylaws) to make detailed financial information available. They also ruled against a complaint that would have kicked “king Patrice” Blais out of office, as […]

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Their true colours


See what the Montreal Muslim News is reporting about the attempt to shut down Hillel at Concordia: The CSU left two loopholes open for Hillel. While there’s general agreement that an apology from Hillel at the council meeting would have avoided the sanctions applied, opinions differ about what would be accepted as an apology. Adam […]

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