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Freakin’ brilliant ad campaign by a Tel Aviv ad agency for Berlitz, using a play on words on the Obama campaign slogan:


Sometimes, the greatest ideas are the most obvious. (Hat tip: Matt).


Royal Caribbean has been advertising a lot lately, and every time I see one of their cruise ship ads, I remember that the campaign once won an “award” for worst use of music:

The big winner, submitted by dozens and dozens of you, is Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, which used Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” in a series of spots. As my reader Andrei put it, “Nothing says maritime comfort like a song about shooting up junk.”

This poll is a couple of years old, but most of these ad campaigns are still running, leading me to believe that either the ad execs involved didn’t know or didn’t care.


Negative campaigning


Last night’s “top story” on the news was all about how the campaign has taken a “negative turn” with the new Liberal attack ads on the Tories. Now, there’s very little dispute that the Liberal campaign has been terribly run. These ads are a bit of a running joke, especially to those of us in […]

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The new British Airways campaign contains some words I already know and even a few that I use, some words that I didn’t know but that explain a lot, and some words that I strongly suspect might be several decades out of date. Fairly amusing, at any rate. (Via Imshin).

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Very funny commercial


Allison links to this great Israeli McDonald’s commercial that spoofs Pulp Fiction. View it and laugh.

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Advertising as art


Went to see the screening of the 2003 Cannes Lions Festival tonight. And while there were some mediocre ads in the mix, there were also moments of sheer brilliance. Like the McDonald’s “transparent” campaign. Or the condom ad with the kid throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery aisle. Or the Honda ad with the […]

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It’s tough being in advertising these days


Is it just me, or are people in my field taking a bit of a beating in the press lately: Hey, I’d still rather be in advertising than a lawyer joke.

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Cigarettes bad. Alcohol good.


The Canadian Grand Prix will be coming to Montreal after all… after Labatt Breweries made a sponsorship deal to fill the financial void left by the ban on tobacco advertising: The deal announced on Tuesday by race promoter Normand Legault will see 29 million Canadian dollars (22 million US) paid to Formula One boss Bernie […]

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Cool car commercial


Check out the great new Honda Accord commercial (via Damian). Pure genius! And it was all real.

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In advertising classes, profs would love to go on at length about the most famous ad blunders in history. The Chevy Nova story has reached urban-legend proportions, for example. Well, this one has gotta be added to that list. I’d hate to be the account exec responsible for this fiasco of an ad for the […]

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