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I was watching former NDP leader Alexa McDonough be interviewed on CBC Newsworld about her party’s foreign policy.

In predictable fashion, she ranted about the need to “choose” what Canada’s role would be in the world, and how “most Canadians” agree that force should only be used under the UN, and how Canada should expand its peacekeeping roles under the UN and distance itself from the “Bush administration” (the last bit was said with a disdainful sneer).

When she talked about needing to make the “choice”, I realized something: she – and many Canadians, both within the NDP and outside of it – still think that the War on Terror is a choice. They harbour the delusion that if Canada “chooses” to stay neutral, to stay out of it, that the terrorists will leave us alone.

They don’t get that we’re in a war whether we “choose” to be or not. The terrorists haven’t struck on Canadian soil – yet – but they’ve been planning to and trying to. We’re on the list of Evil Western countries, merely for being a free democracy, and none of McDonough or her ilk’s “choices” will change the fact that they have unilaterally declared war on us.

So the choice they’re really asking Canadians to make is between reality and denial.

Beyond whatever anyone’s opinion of all the NDP’s rhetoric about renegotiation free trade as “fair trade”, ending tax cuts to multinational corporations, or any of their policies… that is the choice that voters will be making on June 28th.


Alexa McDonough jumps on the NDP bandwagon by making a speech at Concordia as part of a panel speaking to a group organized by the Canadian Muslim Forum.

This is just weeks after NDP MPs Svend Robinson and Libby Davies spoke outside Concordia – after an injunction prevented them from speaking on campus – in support of the CSU and against the temporary moratorium on mideast events. I guess Alexa McDonough just wanted to make it really really clear, for anyone who was confused, that the NDP supports the alliance between the Palestinian movement and the Left.

NDP leader Alexa McDonough spoke out yesterday in heartfelt support of Canadian Muslims. Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, she said, “they have been on the receiving end of hateful sentiments.”

McDonough received a standing ovation from the crowd of about 100 people at Concordia University. She appeared on a panel, Citizens Under Siege, organized by the Canadian Muslim Forum and Alternative Perspective Media.

Of course, speaking out against racism is never wrong. But McDonough was making a political statement by holding her speech at Concordia, and by specifically only referring to anti-Muslim racism and supporting the “Palestinian cause” at a site where anti-Jewish racism has been especially rampant.

The NDP leader noted that her party had been Ottawa sponsors of the UN-sanctioned International Day of Solidarity With the Palestinian People – though “some irresponsible members of the media will portray that in a dishonest way. Thank God for the alternate media.”

McDonough urged Palestinian activists not only to speak out, but to reach out to build coalitions with other people. But she admitted, “It’s not always easy to get beyond the dire circumstances at the centre of your cause.”

In true NDP fashion, a bit of America-bashing and Bush-bashing was thrown in for good measure.

The NDP leader deplored the “message of hatred” set in motion by U.S. President George W. Bush, when he told the world: “Either you’re with us or you’re against us.” McDonough dryly commented, “Most of us see much better choices.”

Yeah, most of us do see better choices . . . certainly we see better choices than you, Ms. McDonough.