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He came, he made a mess, he quit. That’s pretty much how André Boisclair’s time as PQ leader will go down in the history books.

Really now, wouldn’t it have been better to do it right after the election, André?

I give it about 5 more minutes before Gilles Duceppe calls his own press conference.


So by now everyone pretty much knows that today’s provincial election has resulted in a minority Liberal government.

Final results: 48 seats for the Liberals, 41 for the ADQ, and 36 for the PQ.

There’s no doubt that Mario Dumont’s ADQ is the big winner tonight, going from 5 seats to a whopping 41, and capturing the balance of power. Charest’s Liberals were reduced to minority status, and Charest himself only narrowly won his own seat. As for Boisclair’s PQ, after widely being expected to achieve sweeping victory only a few months ago, they were just plain embarrassed. Boisclair’s days in provincial politics are surely numbered – most likely in the single-digits.

Then again, in the popular vote, the Liberals lost 13 percentage points, compared to the PQ who only lost 5. Arguably, it’s the Liberals who lost out in terms of mandate – if not in terms of seats. A lot of people in “safe” Liberal ridings were casting protest votes this time around, which may have accounted for this seeming discrepancy.

And my own riding? As expected, Liberal incumbent Lawrence Bergman sailed to victory with over 84% of the vote, but second place went not to one of the other major parties but to the Greens, with just over 6.5%. Not much of a contest here, but I voted anyway, ever the dutiful citizen. I still maintain that if you don’t vote, you can’t bitch about it later.

What will this mean for Quebec? In the immediate term, it means no referendum, anyway. It also means that the Liberals have lost their mandate to govern. The ADQ is going to get a lot more of a say in how things are run in the province. And we’re probably looking at another election in about 18 months. And the PQ may be down right now, but don’t count them out; under new leadership, they could still come back to threaten for victory the next time around. Let’s just hope that support for sovereignty continues to ebb in the interim, because I’d kinda like my country to stay together for a while.

All in all, though, a minority government might not be the worst thing in the world. It’s not as though the Liberals were doing a whole lot with their hands untied, before.

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How to lose an election


After this election, André Boisclair could probably write the textbook on the subject. Now, he’s in trouble again… this time for unapologetically making ethnic slurs against Asians: Boisclair refused to apologize Thursday for having referred to Asian students as having “slanting eyes.” “I have no intention of apologizing,” he replied when asked what he meant […]

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Is there an election going on or something?


Cause you’d never know it, just living day to day. Sure, the media is making an effort to report something – anything – about the campaign trail. But that deafening silence out there? That’s the sound of seven million Quebecers not caring. Almost nobody’s talking about the election at the water cooler, over brunch, at […]

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Election time in La Belle Province


Looks like we’re going to be heading to the polls on March 26th, as Charest has apparently decided to play the timing card for all it is worth and take advantage of a bump in the polls for the Liberals against a PQ that – under André Boisclair – seems to have lost its way. […]

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Isn’t it a little early for desperation tactics?


Jean Charest is invoking the r-word threat to try to bolster his fledging numbers, even though a provincial election is at least a year away and more likely to be two years off: The possibility of another referendum on independence will help persuade Quebecers to re-elect the provincial Liberals, says Premier Jean Charest. “In proposing […]

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Boisclair wins PQ leadership


Our likely next Premier of Quebec is 39-year-old Andre Boisclair, who beat out rivals including Pauline Marois for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois, despite the media attention given to his past cocaine use: Boisclair faces high expectations. Charest has been stuck at staggering levels of unpopularity since shortly after coming to power in 2003. […]

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The world’s most boring leadership race


The Parti Quebecois leadership race is garnering surprisingly little media attention, considering that whoever wins is almost certain to be our next premier – Charest’s numbers are in the toilet and another long season of union striking is set to begin – and this person has a fair shot at leading the Yes side of […]

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