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An absolutely compelling article appeared today by Australian Tony Parkinson in The Age entitled Why appeasement is always wrong.

As the link requires registration, I’ll post the beginning. But you owe it to yourselves to read the rest.

More than 100 schoolchildren in southern Russia are seized at gunpoint on the first day back from summer holidays. Teachers and parents die trying to protect them.

Eleven Nepalese workers in Iraq are lined up and shot in cold blood. A 12th is beheaded, purely for show.

Sixteen bus passengers in southern Israel are blasted to death by suicide bombers. Explosions at a Moscow subway station kill 10 workers. Another 90 lives are lost when terrorists force two Russian passenger jets from the skies.

In almost any other time in modern history, a week of atrocities such as this would have stunned the world.

Yet, today, as the third anniversary of September 11 approaches, it is no longer a shock to see Islamist extremists carrying out these depraved assaults. Many thousands of innocent civilians have already died. Sadly, there will probably be many thousands more.

But maybe, just maybe, the excruciating horror of watching seven-year-olds monstered by fanatics with bombs strapped to their bodies will prompt more people in free societies to grapple with the true awfulness of this phenomenon – and to confront the reality that muddling through with the old verities of international diplomacy is no answer to the threat.


That’s my message to people in Spain, in all of Europe, in North America, or anywhere. The terrorists don’t care what we do. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we make nice, and talk about “understanding” the motives of the terrorists. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we look for “root causes” or try to blame terrorist attacks on the actions and international policies of our governments. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we stand in the streets marching and chanting with the radical groups, holding signs equating Bush to Hitler or denouncing the United States. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we all flood classes about Islam to learn about the “religion of peace” and have long theological discussions about its true meanings. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we turn out in droves to throw out centrist governments at the polls and vote in socialists who are more inclined to appeasement in reaction to terror attacks. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we abstain from United Nations resolutions that would attempt to defend what’s right, or if we bury our heads in the sand on an international scale and refuse to take any action, or even if we turn on our allies. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter if we denounce Israel or give millions in aid to the Palestinians. They’ll kill us anyway.

It doesn’t matter what we do. To the terrorists, all that matters is who we are: Western, democratic and free. They don’t hate us for what we do, or don’t do. That’s just an excuse. They attacked Spain and people said it was because the Spanish were allied with the US and Britain in Iraq. So now the Spanish throw out their government, and we in Canada breathe a sigh of relief because we didn’t participate in the war in Iraq so we won’t be targets. But they attacked Morocco and Kenya and Bali and Turkey… how many of those places participated in the war in Iraq? If we Canadians think they won’t kill us anyway, we’re kidding ourselves. Given the opportunity, they would be just as happy to kill as many of us as they can.

They’re fighting a war. Oppression against freedom. Backwardness against civilization. They’ve gotten tired of oppressing the people in the middle east only, and they have decided to go global… and they won’t stop until we’re all dead. That’s how much they hate us. No amount of caving to their blackmail or changing our actions or ways of thinking will appease them either. Do you really think Osama Bin Laden cares how many people who died in 9/11 were registered Republicans and how many were registered Democrats? Do you really think he gives a rat’s ass whether any of the people who died when the World Trade Center collapsed had been out marching in an ANSWER rally a week before? Or had been out protesting Bush a month before?

No, they don’t hate us for what we do. They hate us for who we are. And they’ll kill us anyway. So there’s nothing left for us to do but to kill them first.


Spanish election results


Michele on the Spanish election results: The terrorists got what they wanted. They won. And now the U.S. will have one less ally. One less country to count on the war against terrorism. They’ll pull out of Iraq and it won’t be long before they pull out of fighting the terrorists all together. Appeasement is […]

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Socialists win in Spain


And in Spain, a shocking victory for terrorism that could have disastrous ramifications, as the Socialist party swept to power, ousting the centrist Popular Party who, before the Madrid terrorist attacks, was virtually assured of victory: Spain’s opposition Socialists have swept to power in a sensational election upset sparked by popular anger over the government’s […]

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Sharon: Bush could have prevented Holocaust


Ariel Sharon said that had there been a world leader like Bush in the 30s, the Holocaust could have been prevented: “It’s impossible to free one’s self from the feeling that if in Europe, in the 1930s, there had similarly been such a leader, it’s possible that Europe would not have been ravaged by World […]

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No accident


JWR posted an article by Sam Schulman in which he claims that appeasement in the 1930s may have accidentally caused the Holocaust, but today’s anti-war activists have no accident about their intentions: Our grandparents’ anti-war allies enabled the Holocaust — by accident. Your present day anti-war allies wish quite deliberately to destroy “Jewish interests” — […]

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The case against appeasement


In an editorial in Wednesday’s La Presse, Pierre Lapperrière makes the case against appeasement by highlighting the cost of appeasing Hitler in the pre-WWII era: Les É.-U. jugent qu’il ne respecte pas certaines ententes et qu’il est dangereux pour la sécurité internationale qu’un tel président soit au pouvoir. Le président Hussein récolte toutes les sympaties, […]

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