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One of the world’s wealthiest terror widows, Suha Arafat, has gotten remarried… reportedly to a gold-digger after her considerable fortune:

According to rumors, Yasser Arafat’s widow marries Tunisian president’s brother-in-law, who was supposed to marry her sister, but chose Suha due to her large fortune.

What, you mean he wasn’t after her looks and charm?


Here I am on another Sunday night procrastinating going to sleep… because when I next wake up it will really be Monday and the weekend will be over. And there’s nothing more depressing than a Monday morning. So I’m determined to make it worse by being tired as a zombie. Makes perfect sense to me.

Anyway, this weekend did not rain as was predicted. In fact, it was sunny and beautiful. I hope everyone took advantage. Justin Trudeau sure did.

So what is it with the French and rejecting constitutions anyway? I think Chriac should simply insist on a Notwithstanding Clause.

Quote of the day: “President Bush has made a mistake in his show of support for Abbas (or Arafat in a Brooks Brothers Suit with better barber).” I never quite understood why Arafat, with all his millions, couldn’t afford to look better. Or, for that matter, why Suha never bought some sorely-needed plastic surgery. Oh, was that rude? I’m so sorry. I should know better than to insult dead terrorists. That would be uncivilized.

Speaking of terrorists, Abbas is making more threats, suggesting that suicide bombings “may be over” (yeah right) while threatening more if “progress” is not made. How, I wonder, does Abbas define “progress”? Israel is set to let 400 terrorists back on the streets, and the Palestinians are set to… do nothing but complain and launch more violent attacks, as usual. When was the last time the Palestinian side made any “gestures”?

On the home front, with Parliament set to get back to work tomorrow, amidst the scandals and non-confidence votes, Liberal MP Irwin Cotler dares to suggest that the government get some actual work done by passing proposed bills legalizing same-sex marriage and decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. A valid argument. We’re paying all these people to govern, it’s about time they get on with it. Of course, the Tories oppose both bills, but I wonder whether Stephen Harper is capable of trying to attack the issues, or if he’s programmed to a single note and will keep hammering away on the sponsorship scandal instead?

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Abbas is the new Arafat


According to exit polls, Abbas won the Palestinian election with something like 66-70% of the vote. Now, backed with the legitimacy of a vote, Abbas can get serious about the buisness of funding and protecting terrorists and seeking to destroy Israel. Of course, the day was marked by gunfire… shots into the air in celebration […]

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Blair’s pet project


Tony Blair is in Israel holding meetings this week with Israeli and Palestinian leaders (separately, of course): The centerpiece of Blair’s visit is his initiative for a conference in London focused on strengthening the new Palestinian leadership. Sharon said Tuesday that Israel will support the conference but will not attend. He said the conference is […]

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Abbas narrowly “escapes death”


The Palestinian spokespeople claim it wasn’t an assassination attempt: Yasser Arafat’s interim successor escaped injury in a Gaza gunfight triggered by hostile militants on Sunday as Palestinian officials set Jan. 9 for elections to replace the late president and avert a feared power vacuum. [ . . . ] The incident began after gunmen from […]

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The funeral of a terrorist


Arafat was buried in Ramallah after a funeral in Cairo. The press is describing both as “chaotic”: An Egyptian helicopter flew Arafat’s coffin from Egypt, where a funeral service was held, to his Muqata headquarters. The aircraft was quickly surrounding by a surging crowd of thousands chanting Arafat’s name. Firing into the air, Palestinian security […]

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Time for peace? Think again.


Canadian PM Paul Martin is sending Pierre Pettigrew to Arafat’s funeral to represent Canada. I wish Canada would have the guts to boycott altogeher. But I suppose that’s unreasonable seeing as how the USA, the UK, the EU states, and just about everyone else is sending representation. Canada has never been willing to take a […]

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Arafat the monster


Jeff Jacoby in the Boston Globe doesn’t mince words in an editorial that discusses Arafat’s true legacy, as opposed to the nonsense we’re hearing from most media outlets about his “dreams of peace” and his symbolic heroism: YASSER ARAFAT is dying at age 75, lying in bed surrounded by familiar faces. He will leave this […]

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Annan “deeply moved” by Arafat’s death


I couldn’t have parodied it any worse than it actually was: Kofi Annan’s statement at the “offical” word of Arafat’s death: “The Secretary-General was deeply moved to learn of the death of President Yasser Arafat. President Arafat was one of those few leaders who could be instantly recognized by people in any walk of life […]

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We do not dance at the death of our enemies


I will not shed any tears for Arafat. He was a murderer, an innovator of nothing but terrorism, and a failure in his supposed “causes”. I’m sickened by how the world has accorded him status of a “national leader” when he’s really nothing more than a thug. But I refuse to rejoice at the news […]

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