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Lisa recently moved to her new blog home. She’s got photos of her daily life after Ariel Sharon’s stroke. Sometimes pictures really do say a thousand words.

Meryl has numbers proving conclusively that the so-called “truce” was a myth all along. She’s been saying that since it started. Nobody’s been listening. I’m betting not too many people will now. Read her post anyway.

Closer to home, there’s no shortage of election coverage and commentary. But here’s something you don’t see every day: David Janes apparently wants to be Prime Minister. And he’s laying out his platform, piece by piece. I can’t say I agree with everything he says, but at least he’s refreshingly honest. Bloggers for PM!

Pauline cast her ballot in advance polling, for the eminently logical reason that Montreal weather is unpredictable at this time of year. If I find myself unable to vote on Monday because of an ice storm, Pauline, I give you permission to say “I told you so”.


Ariel Sharon moved slightly and is breathing on his own after doctors allowed him to emerge from a medically-induced coma. But they’re saying it’s still too early to tell if – and how extensive – there is brain damage.

Whether you like him or hate him, it’s really awful to see such a high-profile man reduced to this.


Reactions to Sharon’s illness


The news on Ariel Sharon this morning is very, very bad. Reactions, of course, run the gamut, from shock and prayer to political speculation to the expected vilification from Israel’s enemies to praise from unexpected sources. But Allison, in one post, neatly sums up the Israeli reaction from her perspective: Whether he lives or dies, […]

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Sharon in critical condition


Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke and cerebral hemorrhage and is in surgery in critical condition. Unlike his last recent health scare last month, this time it’s serious: According to a medical expert, the procedure is life threatening. Asked what are the chances of surviving this type of surgery, the doctor replied, “Let’s […]

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Sharon loses consciousness


Israeli TV is reporting that Ariel Sharon was taken to hospital after suffering what might have been a minor stroke. There don’t seem to be many more details available right now. Updates to follow. Update: Allison writes: And Israelis being Israelis, the kidding started. I was at a meeting for my son’s class just after […]

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Sharon parts ways with Likud


The media is calling it a “political earthquake”, but those who have been watching Israeli politics have seen this coming for a while: Ariel Sharon has left the Likud party to form his own new centrist party. Most likely, the Knesset will be dissolved and elections will be called within 90 days. Sharon has been […]

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What Reuters bias?


Let’s examine this morning’s headline: Sharon, Abbas talk as Israel suspends offensive. Israel suspends offensive??? Sounds like a Palestinian offensive to me: But in three days, Palestinians have fired 5 Qassam missiles, six anti-tank rockets and a half dozen mortar shells at Israeli military and civilian targets outside its borders. Israel army patrols were shot […]

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Big Lies


A CBS News column is claiming that the onus is not on the Palestinians to make the next move in the mideast, now that Israel disengaged from Gaza, because settlers are still moving to the West Bank: For Palestinians, the Gaza pullout is a little like a settler shell game. The settlers have disappeared from […]

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Gaza pullout: a step towards peace?


Abbas and Sharon are making the usual meaningless statements about “working towards peace” and starting a “new page” in Israeli-Palestinian relations. In the meantime, Hamas is giving the real picture: Hamas and Islamic Jihad announced on Monday that they have reached an agreement with the Palestinian Authority according to which the two groups would not […]

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Oy vey


This is not good news: Israeli commandos killed eight Palestinian policemen in “eye for an eye” shootings three years ago that were ordered to avenge comrades slain in an ambush on an army checkpoint in the West Bank, a newspaper said on Friday. [ . . . ] After gunmen from the Palestinian faction Fatah […]

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