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The rent is too damn high? Not in Trundle, Australia:

An Australian rural community desperate to encourage new families to move in and revitalize the town is offering to rent farm houses to interested families for one Australian dollar a week. The hamlet of Trundle, 215 miles northwest of Sydney, has a population of 380.

 Like neighboring communities, it has struggled with years of drought and is hoping that the cheap rent — the equivalent of 95 U.S. cents a week — will bring in new life and help fill up schoolrooms.

Maybe Jimmy McMillan should consider moving Down Under.


RIP Steve Irwin


I was away over the long weekend so I didn’t hear the news until last night. Steve Irwin was a real Australian icon. Though he had his fans and his critics in life, his death has sent shock waves through the world. A real tragedy.


They like us! (But they like the Aussies better…)


A new global poll ranks Canada second out of 25 countries in terms of people’s favourite countries, largely due to a widespread perception of what have become beloved Canadian stereotypes: Unlike the United States, which ranked in at the 11th position, Canada’s government was seen as neutral. The majority of those polled also described the […]

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Jewish student attacked in Australia


Judith from Kesher Talk alerted me to this piece of disturbing news: AN Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) executive member was physically attacked as last week’s annual National Union of Students (NUS) conference descended into violence. [. . .] Conference observer Sibella Stern said that a brawl broke out during the debate on anti-terror […]

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