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And again


A Palestinian suicide bomber struck today at a bus station in Beersheva:

An Israeli police spokesman said nearly 50 people wounded in the bombing in the city of Beersheba were treated at hospital, most of them for shock. The two guards, who chased the bomber, were critically hurt, the spokesman said.

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Palestinian militant factions say a “period of calm” they announced in March at Abbas’s urging will expire at year’s end.

What period of calm?

To echo Lynn, is it peace yet?

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According to a new poll, 83% of Palestinians want a “mutual cessation of violence”. That’s good, right?

Not exactly. The poll also says that:

  • 77% of Palestinians supported the Beersheva bus bombings
  • 75% support the firing of rockets from Beit Hanoun into Israel
  • 74% see Sharon’s disengagement plan as evidence of a victory for armed struggle
  • 64% believe that armed conflict have helped the Palestinians achieve their national rights in a way that negotiations could not.

I can only assume that the 83% of Palestinians who want a mutual cessation of violence figure that the violence will stop when there are no more Israelis.

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The news I’d been dreading


In a deceptive period of quiet in Israel, it was easy to get lulled into a false sense of security. Simple to believe that no attacks meant that the attackers weren’t trying. Which, of course, is nonsense: the security fence and the IDF raids was merely doing their jobs at prevention. Today, there was a […]

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