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Oprah Winfrey has selected Elie Wiesel’s “Night” as her latest book club pick, catapulting the famous book on the Holocaust onto the bestseller list over a half-century after it was first published.

“Night” was required reading in high school French class (though I seem to remember most of us cheating by picking up the English translation from the library). It’s a powerful book and Wiesel emerged as one of the key voices of conscience on the Holocaust. There was a time when Wiesel’s word would have carried more weight than Oprah’s.

Then again, with Holocaust-denial on the rise (from the usual suspects and the Left and the Arab world), and with the generation of survivors slowly disappearing, perhaps this was the right time to push the book back into the spotlight.


Imshin’s verdict is that this latest Harry Potter installment is better than the last.

I think the exact opposite. And judging by the comments section on her site, I’m not the only one.


Stuff that happened


Some news breaks: An Iraqi bomb attack killed 98 people. We barely even blink anymore with the news of terrorist attacks in Iraq – maybe because they’re so commonplace, maybe because people assume it’s a country at war so for some reason these things are expected, maybe because some people even tacitly support them in […]

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Book tag


Here’s the thing about chain letters… you can groan about them all you want, but sooner or later one gets to you and you find yourself completing it and passing it along despite yourself. Pieter has “tagged” me on the latest one making the blogosphere rounds: book tag. I’m a self-admitted bookworm, so this was […]

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Random midnight musings


So I finally borrowed and read The Da Vinci Code the other day, just to see what all the hype was about. And I was fairly disappointed. Being very unfamiliar with Catholic mythology or history, I’m not qualified to spot many of what I’ve heard were historical errors, inaccuracies, or just plain fabrications. But to […]

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A stroll down memory lane


Packing up boxes of old stuff that I haven’t even looked at in years inevitably caused the nostalgia to kick in. So maybe that’s why I was so excited when I stumbled on Emily Jones’ list of her favourite books that she read as a child. All the classics are on there, and Emily got […]

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Leon Uris dies at 78


The author of books including Exodus, Mila 18, and The Haj, Leon Uris, has died. He was 78.

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Harry Potter grand theft


If it looks like a publicity stunt, and sounds like a publicity stunt, and smells like a publicity stunt . . . then instincts tell me this is probably just that: Thousands of copies of the long-awaited fifth Harry Potter book have been stolen from a warehouse just days before the book’s eagerly-awaited launch. The […]

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The D’oh of Homer


I just got the book The D’oh of Homer, a philosophy book about the Simpsons. Can’t wait to read it!

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