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Sascha Baron Cohen is finally giving interviews as himself after months of only appearing in character as Borat.

The day after Borat: The Movie was awarded a Golden Globe award, Cohen has decided to close the chapter on this character and move on:

Sacha Baron Cohen has killed off his controversial character Borat.

The British-born comic star insists the offensive fictional Kazakhstani reporter is now too famous to fool anyone again, but has revealed he is already working on new ideas.

One might think Cohen would be sad to let go of such a long-running (and cash-generating) character. But if anything, he sounds relieved:

He explained: “It was tiring having to stay in character, usually for about eight hours at a time, so as not to raise suspicion. There is a lot of physical preparation. I never washed the suit – when I come in the room there’s this terrible smell. And Borat doesn’t wear any deodorant.”

Now that’s commitment. Or insanity. Or both.


Borat: The Movie


Looks like some people are taking it a bit too seriously.