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So our new premier-elect, who swept to power last night on votes from people living in places where they’ve probably never met a member of a religious minority, thinks it’s such a priority to ban Quebecois citizens — most of whom live in ridings that DIDN’T vote CAQ — from being able to freely practice their religion that he’s willing to overrule the constitution in order to do so:

But when asked by reporters about the notwithstanding clause and his immigration policy, he didn’t back down. 

“I think that the vast majority of Quebecers, they would like to have a framework where people in an authority position must not wear a religious sign,” Legault said.

Political leaders generally have been reluctant to use the notwithstanding clause, which is viewed by many as politically perilous.

Let me break it down for people who are still wondering about this religious symbols thing: The state being neutral on religion doesn’t require every PERSON in the state to be religiously neutral, any more than the state being neutral on gender requires people working for the state to cut off their genitals.

The effect of this nonsense will be to effectively ban members of religious minorities from many sectors of the workforce, or to force them to make the impossible choice between practicing their faith or having a job. It will heighten xenophobia and pander to the racist majority — who are so butthurt over the notion that someone may choose to wear a scarf on her head that they made this issue into a voting priority — over the basic human rights of minorities. And it will perpetuate the notion that only white, Christian, ‘pur-laine’ Quebecers have rights in this province.

I’m so unbelievably disgusted with my fellow citizens right now. How could this guy be our new premier?


I’m equally cynical and fearful of what tomorrow’s election results will bring. I cynically sense it will be nothing good, and I’m worried for the people and groups who will be most hurt by the fallout. And I’m fed up by people who don’t bother voting because they know that their privilege will protect them from the consequences of whatever happens.

Vote, and vote smart. Vote strategically. And vote compassionately.

Yes, sometimes that means holding your nose and voting for the least-worst option. That’s the reality of first-past-the-post, alas. But it’s better than the cold consolation of realizing your protest vote — or your refusal to vote — helped elect the option you despise the most.

Trump happened. Ford happened. We’re not immune to it here. Don’t be an asshole. Do your fucking civic duty.


Why strategic voting is a bad idea


With the latest polls indicating that the PQ is within a hair’s breath of a majority, many of us – at least, those of us who disagree with Marois’s “pure laine or go home” vision of Quebec, are probably thinking about the best way to stop that from happening. And I’ve heard a lot of […]

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Quebec political donations: By the numbers


Polls are one thing; money is another. What can we gauge from the fundraising of the major Quebec political parties, and what can it tell us about the possible election outcome? According to the Directuer général des élections du Québec, there have been 33,547 donations in 2012 to date to Quebec’s political parties, totalling just […]

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High-ho, high-ho…


…it’s off to the polls we go. Quebecers will vote in the provincial election that some are dubbing the “tuition election” on September 4th. While it’s true that Charest has always been better at campaigning than at governing, after nearly a decade in power, it’s likely to be somebody else’s turn at the helm. And […]

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Il n’y a rien de nouveau sous le soleil


Francois Legault finally unveiled his new political party’s logo, which, erm, looks an awful lot like his old party‘s logo. The Coalition Avenir Quebec (or CAQ, for short, which really brings to mind a whole host of new acronym joke possibilities) was, if you recall, ahead in polls even before it existed. And now, Legault’s […]

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Is this what they mean by an “informed electorate?”


More proof – as if you needed it – that Quebecers are bandwagon voters: François Legault, who is on a 17-stop tour across Quebec to seek feedback on his ideas to reform politics in the province, says he is “humbled” by polls suggesting he would win a provincial election if it were held now, even […]

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