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CBC’s surprising decision last week not to renew the licensing agreement for the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada has been met with opportunism by the likes of CTV… and Stephen Colbert:

Stephen, we know you secretly love Canada. Now can you do us a favour and convince the CBC to further cut costs by axing Don Cherry?


A CBC reporter was caught red-handed playing favourites among federal political parties:

A Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reporter who covers Parliament will be reassigned because she inappropriately wrote questions for an opposition legislator, the public broadcaster said on Monday.

The ruling Conservative Party — no fan of the CBC — complained that television journalist Krista Erickson had given the questions to a Liberal member of a committee examining the dealings of a former Conservative prime minister.

Whatever your politics, you have to admit that this is a new low for the CBC. Our tax dollars at work.


In Brief


I still don’t have time to properly blog, but I wanted to at least mention some of the newsworthy items in the passing show these days. Disengagement is depressing. I can barely read the news – from any perspective – because it just gives me a giant headache. The whole issue is so clearly lose-lose […]

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Stuff that makes me mad


Some stuff makes me too mad to even blog about it, because it just gets my heart rate up. But you can read about it on other blogs. Like Ken Livingstone’s latest spewings. (More here). And the continuing Palestinian terrorism against Israel. And CBC’s gutlessness and the fact that my tax dollars fund it. Then […]

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John Morgan passes away


John Morgan, one of the stars of Royal Canadian Air Farce, has passed away at age 75. I haven’t watched the show in years, but it used to be almost a family tradition to tune in and watch the weekly political gags. Morgan’s biggest hit gag was probably “Mike… from Canmore”. I used to laugh […]

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Around the blogosphere


Alan has the follow-up on the UNRWA story, namely that Kofi Annan is backing Peter Hansen, the corrupt agency head who freely admits employing terrorists, among other things. I can’t claim to be too surprised at that one. Debbye has thoughts on the CBC’s “Greatest Canadian” contest, something I’ve tried to avoid watching because I […]

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Hockey reality TV


What do you get when Canadians try to jump on the reality TV bandwagon? A hockey reality show. Yes, we’re proud of living up to our stereotypes.

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This is sad


According to a CBC poll, us Canadians don’t know much about our government. Some interesting results of this poll: While only 84% of us could name our Prime Minister, 97% correctly named the President of the United States. And 17% of Quebecers thought that Gilles Duceppe was the leader of the opposition. Yes, these are […]

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More anti-Israel bias from the CBC


Al-Canada The CBC continues its regularly biased coverage of Israel, in an article that paints the defencive Rafah incursions as a “massacre” (taking Arafat at his word, it seems): Israel’s continuing assault on the Rafah refugee camp has killed another 20 Palestinians. The operation along the Gaza-Egypt border has sparked a growing international outcry. The […]

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CBC hires Irshad Manji


Believe it or not, traditionally anti-Israel CBC has hired Irshad Manji as a commentator on The National: . . . and the debut of someone who will be contributing some Point of View commentaries for us in the weeks ahead — writer and broadcaster, Irshad Manji. Judith, in a comment at LGF, wonders if someone […]

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