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So, I’m of two minds here about Heather Backman being let go from the CHOM morning show.

On the one hand: Not very classy of Bell Media to lay her off right after the 5-year anniversary party. I know there’s never a good timing for a layoff, but this was especially poorly timed, IMHO.

On the other hand — personal opinion here — Heather B. was a terrible morning host. I like and respect Terry DiMonte most of the time. He’s a pro. But Heather as his sidekick was just cringe-worthy. Most of the time she played into this stereotype of being a vapid airhead, which — if it was an act, was demeaning to all talented female broadcasters everywhere — and if it wasn’t an act, YEESH. Half the time, even Terry seemed to be trying to bite his tongue to avoid telling her off for some moronic comment or another. I have no idea how she got to the 5-year mark on the show in the first place. I had predicted she wouldn’t last 5 weeks. And CHOM made it worse by painting her as a ditzy idiot in station promos, an image she played into. Whether they thought that their demographic wanted to hear this (ew) or whether they’re really that tone deaf, I am not sure. But it was painful to listen to either way.

There are so many talented women in the radio biz, and most of them don’t get the opportunities they deserve. I’d like to see a female morning show co-host or even (wake up, Bell, it’s 2017) host in the future. But Heather just wasn’t it.

Best wishes to you, Heather. I hope it all works out for you. But I can’t say I’m too upset in terms of the impact this will have on my morning sanity. A little less yelling at my radio will be good for me.


Wow, this is a sea change: Terry DiMonte’s coming back to CHOM. Again:

In the end, Terry DiMonte lasted around 3½ years in Calgary. While there, DiMonte – one of Montreal’s most famous radio morning-men – made it clear he missed his beloved Habs and still bled bleu, blanc et rouge and apparently he wasn’t faking that Montreal nostalgia.Wednesday afternoon, CHOM ignited no small amount of chatter on social-media like Twitter and Facebook – and even in the real world – when the Montreal classic-rock station announced that DiMonte is returning to helm the morning shift at the FM rock outlet.

There’s no chance that Ted Bird will be back with him… he clearly burned that bridge with his acrimonious departure last year. But even without the Terry and Ted show, this is fantastic news.

Terry DiMonte is one of the last great voices of radio. He’s intelligent, witty, sensible, and actually funny without being obnoxious. His return only underscores the fact that they don’t make ’em like this anymore, because there has been literally nobody who’s even come close to filling his shoes in the past four years.


A Montreal institution moves west


Longtime radio host and Montreal institution Terry DiMonte is moving to Calgary. Terry DiMonte has been on Montreal’s airwaves for 23 years. Usually accompanied by longtime friend and sidekick Ted Bird, he’s hopped around, but is best known for his long-standing morning show on CHOM. Terry and Ted helped launch the station which started back […]

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Quotable quotes


L. Ian MacDonald was on CHOM this morning talking politics with Terry DiMonte, like most Monday mornings. They were discussing Iraq, and how if we lined up George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein and asked Canadians to choose, about half of them right now would choose Saddam – the guy who (and I’m paraphrasing from […]

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