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Want my vote? Dissolve the CRTC


Here’s yet another reason: For 25 months now, cell-phone users in the United States have been able to change service providers and take their numbers with them. This spares you the laborious process of notifying everyone who has your number that you have a new one now. [ . . . ] This week the […]

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Another one bites the dust


The upcoming season will be the last for Six Feet Under, one of the few remaining quality shows on TV. Of course, it’s on HBO, which the CRTC has deemed too dangerous for our sensitive Canadian eyes. Still, I grew addicted when I had satellite and I’ll miss it. It’s nice to see a show […]

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The long, messy, while-I-was-gone post


I may have been on vacation for two and a half weeks, but amazingly, the world didn’t stop chugging along in my absence. Here’s a bit of catch-up. Firstly, a hearty MAZEL TOV to Allison on the birth of her new baby girl, Tamar! If she’s anything like her mom, we’ll be reading her byline […]

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Canadian TV: It’s porn-tastic!


A Gazette reader has this to say about the widespread availability of porn on Canadian TV: Evidently, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is less rigorous in regulating Canadian viewers’ access to porn (Gazette, Jan. 4., “Canada leads world in TV porn”) than in allowing Canadians the opportunity to pay for Fox or NBC’s […]

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I want my HBO!


Rachel Marsden has a good idea for the united Conservative Party’s campaign slogan for the next Federal election: “Vote Conservative, get HBO”. Works for me. Frankly, I think that would attract a LOT of votes. Here in big-brother-land, where the CRTC promotes endless “Canadian content” (read: crap) and allows licensing for Punjabi and Tamil stations […]

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The roots of anti-Americanism


It’s a very Canadian thing to make jokes about Americans, and to put down the US with our superiority complex. But even though I’ve certainly been guilty of this myself, I’ve long maintained that a lot of it is really an inferiority complex in disguise. Put simply, we’re jealous. Most Canadians live within 50 miles […]

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Al-Jazeera in Canada?


Some groups are pushing to get Al-Jazeera broadcast in Canada. The CJC and B’nai Brith Canada are incensed – rightly so. Far from being “just another viewpoint”, Al-Jazeera broadcasts blatantly antisemitic content on a daily basis under the guise of news: CJC President Keith Landy, whose group closely monitors Al-Jazeera programming, said that some of […]

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