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The results are in: By an overwhelming majority of 99%, South Sudan has voted to split from the North and form its own country. When/if statehood is officially declared in July, the folks over at Sporcle are going to have a busy day.

Meanwhile in Darfur (yeah, remember Darfur?), fighting has been escalating once again, while the world ignores it and focuses on South Sudan.


Lisa posts her thoughts following a fascinating interview with five refugees from Darfur currently staying on an Israeli kibbutz. An absolute must-read.

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Darfur refugees in Israel need help


Yesterday’s Ynet had a piece about female Sudanese refugees from Darfur who have found their way to Israel and the private shelter that has offered them a refuge: Eleven young women and 18 of their children are living in a shelter in a community in the Carmel region. The only difference between them and the […]

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North Korea: excuses, excuses


A Reuters article, perhaps accidentally, stumbles on the true crux of the matter when it comes to North Korea: North Korea has committed “crimes against humanity” against its own people according to an independent report published on Monday that made a long-shot appeal for the U.N. Security Council to deal with the issue. Released after […]

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Sudan: Bad to worse


As the Sudanese government does its best to boot the United Nations, the violence is getting worse. Damian links to this Times article from last week in which a janjaweed defector explains, in horrifying detail, the atrocities that he helped commit against civilians.

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What good is the U.N., part twelve million


In the latest chapter of the continuing saga of the irrelevance of the United Nations, the U.S. and Britain are co-sponsoring a resolution to deploy U.N. troops in Darfur: The U.S. and British sponsored resolution would authorize the deployment of 20,000 U.N. troops and police in Darfur to take over from some 7,000 African Union […]

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Meanwhile in Darfur


Remember Darfur? The “UN sez we can’t call it genocide cause then we’d have to do something about it” crisis where deaths aren’t in the hundreds (like in Lebanon) but in the hundreds of thousands? The crisis that everyone loves to conveniently forget because it can’t be blamed on Israel or the United States? Well, […]

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MSF head arrested in Sudan


This report is truly disturbing: the local head of MSF (Doctors Without Borders) in Darfur, Sudan has been arrested, ostensibly because MSF published a report detailing widespread reports of rape in Darfur without permission: Sudan arrested the local head of an international aid agency on Monday over a report on hundreds of rapes in Darfur […]

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Around the Blogosphere


Autonomous Source has a story that’s getting little press coverage but could have widespread implications. Debbye warns us that Carolyn Parrish may be staging a comeback, now that Paul Martin’s so desperate to inflate his ranks with just about anyone. Why can’t she just disappear? Imshin and Lisa both share travel tales. And over at […]

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Yom HaShoah


Today is Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is a day to remember the 6 million who perished. But beyond that, it is a day of reflection: on the world that let it happen, on Jewish identity before and after the Holocaust, on Israel and its role, and on where we go from here. […]

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