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Yes, I actually voted in today’s municipal elections. I wasn’t going to bother. After all, as I mentioned before, lack of decent choices is truly depressing. But ultimately, friends convinced me that I should at the very least exercise my right to vote, so I can exercise my right to complain later.

So I dutifully trotted over to the local polling station and listened to two women in line behind me discuss how they believed Jesus Christ was on their side and he should burn all the evil-doers and how the rioters in Paris were on their side and were burning the evil-doers… yes, these are the people who are voting for our leaders. But I digress.

Anyway, it now seems that Gerald Tremblay has been re-elected as king – er – mayor of Montreal. I guess Montrealers felt that Tremblay, who fought against demergers after promising to decentralize, is bad but Bourque, who pressed for the mergers in the first place, was worse. And I can’t really blame them for that sentiment.

Still awaiting results in my own borough of CDN-NDG. The official results site isn’t much help, either. Typical.

Update: The Tremblay team candidate, Michael Applebaum, has been elected as borough mayor.

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Once again, us Montrealers are faced with the choice between really really bad and… really really bad, as we head to the polls on November 6th.

My electoral card came in the mail today, and with it, the inevitable depression that always hits me during a particularly awful election.

See, the crux of the matter is this: If over 60% of Iraqis could face the threat of bombs, guns and terrorism to exercise their right to vote, then who the hell am I to sit at home during even a seemingly inconsequential election? What gives me the right to take my right to vote for granted and to treat it so lightly?

On the other hand, what would possess an otherwise sane person to go out and cast a ballot for someone like Gerald Tremblay, who promises to fix the roads but is really just fixing his coffers after breaking his promise to decentralize and fighting the demergers tooth and nail using every trick in the book?

Or Pierre Bourque, who fancied himself king of Montreal and helped spearhead the mergers in the first place, and is hoping that a few years of Tremblay’s reign will make us forget his autocratic, dictatorial style?

Then there’s third-candidate Richard Bergeron, who promises an all-out war on cars that makes me wonder if he’s secretly having long lunches with “Red Ken” Livingstone.


And best of all? The only protest party on the ticket is the ridiculous but ultra-leftist White Elephant Party.

Hmmmm… time for a write-in campaign?

Update: It’s not all boring. At least one guy has a sense of humour:

What is this guy, some kind of comedian? Rick Blue of the satirical duo Bowser and Blue is a council candidate in Beaconsfield. The official candidates list says he lives on “Dork Drive.”

Okay, Bowser and Blue are my first nominees for write-in candidacy.

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Go… Away


Better late than never on this one: This would be sad if it were anyone else… but because it’s Gerald Tremblay, it’s extremely funny: Will Mayor Gerald Tremblay have to stop using “Go” in his election slogan? Quebec’s language watchdog yesterday said it will investigate complaints that Tremblay is contravening the provincial French language charter […]

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Not payback? Yeah right.


The latest Montreal megacity budget has tax decreases for most of the central and eastern portions of the islands… and tax increases for most of the West Island, including 14 of the 15 municipalities who voted to demerge. Mayor Tremblay says it’s “not payback” for their votes to demerge… but the map rather belies that […]

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The 35% rule


Demerger activists in cities that lost their bids due to the 35% rule are decrying it as undemocratic: Disgusted. That’s how Michael Vadacchino felt about the result of last night’s demerger referendum in LaSalle. Vadacchino, a borough councillor and leader of the demerger committee, said the system implemented for the referendum vote was completely undemocratic. […]

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Restoring democracy in Quebec


Whatever your opinion of the demerger referendums, the dirty tricks that cost some cities their demerger bid, or the eventual outcome for both demerged and still-merged cities, they changed the face of democracy in Quebec, as Henry Aubin explains (sorry, link requires registration, which makes me feel less guilty about quoting a large chunk of […]

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Demerger results: update


Well, the demerger results are mostly in now. Radio-Canada has the breakdown with cute little traffic lights. Looks like 15 of 22 are out of the Montreal megacity. There were less demergers in other regions. Stay tuned for the political fallout. Update: As predicted, both sides are claiming victory: “I think the word is jubilation […]

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Demerger Results


8:30pm: The polls have been closed for 90 minutes and the results are starting to come in. So far on the Montreal island, the Yes side has pulled it off in Anjou, Baie D’Urfé, Beaconsfield, Dorval, Kirkland, Île-Bizard, Île-Dorval, Montreal-Est, Montreal-West, T.M.R., Pointe-Claire, Roxboro, and Senneville, among others. Dollard, my hometown till recently, is still […]

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Vote early… vote often


Tomorrow is the last chance to save your cities. So to residents of Anjou, Baie d’Urfé, Beaconsfield, Côte-St-Luc, Dollard, Dorval, Hampstead, Île-Bizard, Île-Dorval, Kirkland, LaSalle, Montreal-Est, Montreal-West, Pierrefonds, Pointe-Claire, Roxboro, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Ste-Genevieve, St-Laurent, Senneville, T.M.R., and Westmount… make sure to take a moment tomorrow and exercise your right to vote. Unlike most elections, this one […]

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The French debates


The French election debate was a bit too boring to hold my interest for more than a few minutes. Predictably, Paul Martin came under attack, as did Stephen Harper. Also not too surprisingly, most of the commentary seems to agree that Gilles Duceppe scored the most points, and Bloc voters are unlikely to swing back […]

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