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Blogosphere roundup


I haven’t done one of these in a while. And some bloggers have been writing very, very good posts. So it’s high time, I guess. Here’s Lynn on so-called “messianic Judaism”: We Jews have been fighting this battle for nigh on two thousand years. Christians have been trying to explain to us where and how […]

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Colour wars


We in Quebec are no strangers to colour wars in politics. Just three days after the sea of red at Canada Day, and ten days after the similar sea of blue at the St-Jean Baptiste Day celebrations, it’s hard to deny that complicated political and identity politics are too often reduced to a colour of […]

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In Brief


The news keeps happening much faster than I can keep up on it. Funny how that happens, ain’t it? At any rate, until I can successfully build my time machine that will allow me to “pause live reality” and catch up while everyone else is in freeze-frame, here’s an in-brief recap: Sharon’s Gaza disengagement plan […]

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Most Palestinians want peace?


According to a new poll, 83% of Palestinians want a “mutual cessation of violence”. That’s good, right? Not exactly. The poll also says that: 77% of Palestinians supported the Beersheva bus bombings 75% support the firing of rockets from Beit Hanoun into Israel 74% see Sharon’s disengagement plan as evidence of a victory for armed […]

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Likud votes down coalition


A vote by Likud to reject a coalition with Labor to push through Gaza disengagement is being presented as a major setback for Ariel Sharon: Likud’s Central Committee, its decision-making body, voted by a 58% majority to prevent PM Ariel Sharon from negotiating with the opposition Labor party. By a narrow margin, even Sharon’s modest […]

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Minority government in Israel


Ariel Sharon is opting for minority government rule rather than trying to launch talks with Labor to form a unity government. It makes a lot of observers wonder. After all, the disengagement plan that Sharon is trying so hard to push through – over the objections of the religious right that formed part of his […]

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Sharon’s political manoeuverings


Allison on Sharon’s firing of cabinet ministers in attempt to push through his disengagement plan over the objections of his party. Too funny. Incidentally, I don’t agree with Sharon’s political manoeuverings. If this plan is in fact supported by the population, as he contended, he should have put it to a referendum vote from the […]

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Israeli media reactions


A Ha’aretz editorial says Sharon’s leadership is over: From a position of leadership, Sharon yesterday became a prisoner of his ministers, who undermined his plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip and the northern West Bank. The rebellion of four ministers – Benjamin Netanyahu, Limor Livnat, Silvan Shalom and Danny Naveh – who rejected even […]

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The murder of a child…


Any murder is wrong. To take the life of another human being for no legitimate purpose is sick and disgusting and never justifiable. But when the murder victim is a child, it tugs on our heartstrings even more. Meryl has angry words for the murderers of Meirav Hatuel, aged two, and her pregnant mother and […]

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Disengagement plan defeated


Ariel Sharon’s plan to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza was soundly defeated in today’s referendum in Israel, with exit polls indicating 60% of votes against and only 39% for: In an initial response to the resounding defeat of his disengagement plan in a Likud Party referendum on Sunday, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon said that while he […]

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