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Three coordinated attacks near Eilat and the Egyptian border have killed 7 people and injured 30:

In the first incident, Egged bus number 392, traveling from Beersheba to the southern resort city of Eilat, was ambushed by a three-man terror cell. Over a dozen people were wounded in the attack, which took place on Highway 12, about 30km north of Eilat, near the Ein Netafim junction.

Soon after that a second incident was reported, involving multiple roadside bombs and rocket fire at IDF forces patrolling the Israel Egypt border fence.

A third incident was reported at around 1pm, involving yet another shooting on a bus and a private vehicle traveling south. Five people reportedly suffered mortal wounds in the attack.

There’s no official word yet on whether lax security along the Egyptian border was responsible for the attacks, but carefully-worded statements seem to suggest as much:

“This was a grave terror attack at multiple scenes. It reflects Egypt’s failing hold on Sinai and the rise of terror elements,” Barak said. “This terror attack originated from Gaza. We will exhaust all measures against the terrorists.”

Israel has mostly been dancing on the head of a pin with respect to Egypt’s situation since Mubarak was outsted. On the one hand, nobody in Israel is going to come out publicly in support of an oppressive, dictatorial regime that the people clearly are glad to be rid of. On the other hand, there are legitimate concerns about what the next government will look like, and if terrorist elements hostile to Israel will gain control. Unfortunately, today’s attacks could only be a preview.

Update 8/20: Things go from bad to worse after what was apparently a suicide bombing that killed several Egyptian security forces members near the border. Egypt, of course, was quick to blame Israel, not terrorists, for the deaths, and now Egypt is withdrawing its ambassador to Israel and is accusing Israel of violating the ’79 peace treaty. The situation in Gaza is heating up, the UN – with Lebanon sitting on the Security Council – won’t condemn the terrorist attacks (who’s surprised?), and Hamas is threatening more attacks. With the 30+ years of cold peace with Egypt a hair’s breath from shattered — and without even mentioning what’s going on in Syria — there’s no word to describe the matzav right now other than “clusterfuck”.

Update #2: Meryl is, of course, all over the stories as they (d)evolve.


Stormy weather


I wonder how long it will take Ahmadinejad to blame this on the Israeli Mossad, too?


Egypt blames Hamas


Further evidence of the increasing antagonism between Iran-backed Hamas and the Arab nations, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak publicly blamed Hamas for bloodshed in Gaza: “How long will Arab blood continue to be spilled, only to hear those who admit to miscalculating the scope and scale of Israel’s response?” Mubarak asked in a speech marking Egypt’s […]

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Terrorists in suits and ties


That’s what Gil Troy calls them in an op-ed piece in today’s Gazette (link requires subscription): What happens when a terrorist organization decides to enter the political arena? Does it automatically become legitimate? [ . . . ] The truth is that terrorists by definition have entered the political arena from the start because terrorism […]

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Why does this sound like a really bad idea?


Israel will be entrusting the Egyptians with the task of ensuring border security in Gaza: The Israeli parliament on Wednesday approved a deal to hand control of a buffer zone along the Gaza-Egypt border to Egyptian security forces after Israel completes its pullout from the territory. The agreement, sanctioning the deployment of 750 Egyptian border […]

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Terror strikes Sharm


Coordinated terrorist attacks in Sharm-el-Shiekh, Egypt yesterday killed at least 83 people and injured hundreds more: At least 83 people were killed and 200 injured when car bombs ripped through shopping and hotel areas in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on Saturday in the worst attack in Egypt since 1981. Shaken European tourists […]

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Weekend Update


…with Tina Fey. Okay, maybe not. But here are some of the tidbits from the weekend. It looks like there might not be an election after all, as the Conservatives’ polling numbers slip and Harper looks increasingly like a vengeful opportunist each day. The Conservatives are going to have to come up with a better […]

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Horrific bombings in Egypt


Yesterday’s terrorist attacks in a Sinai resort have left at least 30 dead, including 14 Israelis and hundreds more wounded: Two car bombs exploded at the entrance to the Hilton Taba Hotel and a suicide bomber blew up at the hotel’s beach front, an area designated for children maritime activities. According to Israel Police estimations […]

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Israel won’t negotiate for fallen soldiers


Learning a lesson from past disasters, Israel has boldly asserted that they will not negotiate with terrorists to recover the bodies of six fallen IDF soldiers in Gaza City currently being held by terrorists: Israeli officials have ruled out political any negotiations and have vowed that troops will remain in Gaza City’s Zeitun neighborhood and […]

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Reactions from Arab world


The reaction from the Arab world to the U.S. veto of a UN security council resolution calling for Israel to stop threatening to expel Arafat was fairly typical: Arab League:Amr Moussa, secretary-general of the Arab League, said he hoped the veto doesn’t mean the United States supports Israeli policies “which are opposed by the whole […]

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