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Bob Gainey has announced his resignation as Habs’ GM:

“I’ve done my best and now it’s time for me to pass the torch,” Gainey said on Monday. “I believe that the general manager position requires a long-term vision and a long-term commitment. At this point, I’m not prepared to make a commitment of four or five or six more years in this position.

Assistant GM Pierre Gauthier has been promoted as the new GM.

Gainey took over the role in 2003 to great fanfare greater expectations. At first, he battled the naysayers and started the long process of rebuilding the team, achieving first place in the East two seasons ago.

But many of his decisions have been very questionable of late, and the trust was gone, namely, ill-timed overconfidence in Carey Price, the failure to secure big-name free agents despite public efforts, firing of Guy Carbonneau and hiring Jacques Martin in his place, and of course the great shake-up during last off-season.

I think a lot of people were fed up with Gainey. He won’t go down in history as the Habs’ worst GM (I’d say that role belongs permanently to Rejean Houle). He had an overall winning record, and he did do a lot of good things for the team, which was in shambles when he took the reins. But his legacy is mixed, at best. And of course, nobody ever remembers what you do best; they only remember what you do last.

Bye bye, Bob. Best of luck to you.


Whew, this is what I get for being out of the loop for a couple of days. It’s hard to even keep up!

Let’s see, we’ve got:

And the Habs? Aside from re-signing Andrei Kostitsyn, and picking up Alex Tanguay on draft day, Gainey has been pretty quiet. We lost Ryder (no surprise there) and Streit (big surprise and tough loss) and so far we have nothing to show for it. Not even Sundin, who I don’t even want, but who surely would have signed by now with Montreal if he had any desire to be here.

We cleared cap space, we made offers, but it’s starting to look like Gainey’s highly publicized announcements about his intention to land an “impact” forward will end this year much as they did last year. And I have to wonder how many people will stick to the “In Gainey We Trust” bandwagon this time around.


Throwing in the towel?


Let’s review: Gainey ships Rivet to the Sharks, then stays so quiet today at the trade deadline that he doesn’t even bother to call a press conference. Meanwhile, all of our conference rivals bolstered their team’s weak spots and improved their chances today, including the Isles, who shocked the hockey world by picking up Smyth. […]

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Search ends in failure


Sympathies for Bob Gainey and his family on the loss of his daughter, Laura, 25, who was officially declared lost at sea after more than 80 hours of searching. It’s obvious that the Habs are saddened by the Gainey family’s loss. The team held a poignant moment of silence before the start of tonight’s game […]

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Gainey’s on crack


That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why he would trade Ribeiro for Niinimaa. They’re probably laughing their cowboy hats off down in Dallas over this one.

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Ryder signed


Michael Ryder won’t be going to arbitration after all; he signed a one-year deal today with the Habs. With all these one-year contracts, Gainey must be planning a lot of trades this season, or else it’s going to be real trouble come next summer.

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And in other news


Momentary time-out from the tension of the Middle East to note that today was a banner day for the Habs. Not only did Gainey secure the netminders by signing both Danis and Aebischer (despite widespread speculation that Aebischer would be traded), we also signed free-agent Sergei Samsonov, adding a key player up front. In other […]

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Julien axed


Habs’ GM Bob Gainey fired head coach Claude Julien as well as assistant coach Rick Green, and plans to take over the coaching job himself for the time being. He also hired Guy Carbonneau as assistant coach and head-coach-in-training. With only 7 wins in the last 25 games, it was clear that the Habs were […]

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When all else fails, hire a new GM


Or at least, that’s what the Habs’ philosophy seems to have been lately, as they hired Bob Gainey as the new GM today. Granted, Reggie Houle made a total mess of the team, probably making at least 8 of the top 10 worst trades in NHL history. But Andre Savard has really not been all […]

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