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The headline: Half think Harper too pro-Israel.

The article:

[The poll] said 45 per cent agree Harper’s position is “fair and balanced and completely appropriate,” while 44 per cent say it is “decidedly too pro-Israel and is not appropriate.” Eleven per cent say he has not supported Israel strongly enough.

Hmmm, by my calculation, that means that more than half of people think Harper is either “fair” or not pro-Israel enough, while less than half think he’s “too pro-Israel”.

Leaving aside the issue of leading questions, unbalanced media coverage, or, you know, those pesky actual facts, who taught the editors how to do math?

Update: Oh, it gets better: the story is linked from the Gazette homepage with the headline “Harper too pro-Israel: poll”. When in fact, the opposite is true; 56% of people have said they don’t think he’s too pro-Israel. *Sigh*.

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Family in Haifa


My friend Iris was interviewed by the Gazette for a piece on what it’s like to be here in Montreal and be worrying about family in Haifa:

“They’re okay, a little frightened but okay,” Meshoulam said yesterday.

“Part of me would like my mom to come back to Canada, but she and my stepfather feel they should stay to support Israel.

“On the other hand, I feel guilty being here in Montreal while they are going through all of that over there,” she said.

It’s more than that, of course. This is the first time she has had to watch a war or conflict involving Israel from the “outside” in over a decade. All the things we take for granted – the biased media coverage, the sensationalist headlines, the twisting around of the facts – are, well, I can’t say they’re new to her, because she’s not that naive, but they are things that she hasn’t had to experience directly until now. We’ve been trying to keep her sane by not allowing her to sit and scream angrily at CNN on TV for more than a few hours a day.

The Gazette also interviewed the mother of one of her best friends, who also lives in Haifa:

“People say to me, why do you let your daughter stay in Israel? Bring her home! I tell them, ‘She is home.’ I have no sense she should come back to Montreal.

“It is easy for people here to talk, but Israel on a daily basis is a good place. People here don’t get that. You don’t just get up and run away.”

For the moment, the article doesn’t require subscription to read, so read the whole thing.


Old Montreal good, potholes bad


The latest summer fluff exercise from the Montreal Gazette took the form of a survey about Montreal, which, by design, generated the sort of stereotypical answers you might expect from a Montreal of perhaps 20 years ago. I mean, who would really elect Leonard Cohen mayor? Nobody, except that even less people would choose the […]

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Editorials decrying Concordia’s decision


Editorials all over the place today decrying Concordia’s decision: From the Gazette: “We were pleased to hear,” Lowy told us, “that it was Barak who was invited. Barak is quite different from Netanyahu. We were surprised to learn that there wasn’t a distinction made,” by some Muslim students and their allies. Oh really? Then Concordia’s […]

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No free marketplace of ideas


In a scathing opinion piece in today’s Gazette, McGill profs Reuven Brenner and Gil Troy tear apart academia: We don’t have today a “free marketplace of ideas” – not by any stretch of the imagination. What we have is a heavily subsidized production of “obscure jargons” – much noise, that is – with academics carving […]

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Surprisingly good editorials


A few surprisingly on-point Gazette editorials today: Here’s Norman Webster on the Khadr family and Canada’s welcoming of terrorists: In his book, Cold Terror: How Canada Nurtures and Exports Terrorism Around the World, [author Stuart] Bell sums up: “Canada has tried to smother terrorism with kindness. … It is perhaps a typically Canadian approach. But […]

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Dignity or spin?


The Gazette thinks that Svend Robinson, by admitting his error, was “dignified” and “courageous”. Here’s what Terry and Ted have to say about that: bullshit. And I agree. Robinson didn’t own up to the theft because he’s such a great person. He did it because it was most likely caught on security camera. The guy […]

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The Gazette is going to start charging to access stories online. Sure, it’s not wonderful journalism… but the Gazette is still the main English-language daily in Montreal. As such, it’s my primary news source. The content will remain free only to people who subscribe 7 days a week. And no, I don’t subscribe. Not only […]

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Josh Freed on multitasking. So true.

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Jonas: Women should be flattered to be harassed


People who know me know that I’m not exactly the militant feminist type. I don’t go around looking for patriarchal conspiracies, or getting all worked up over someone calling women “chicks”. But even I was offended by George Jonas’s latest column in the Gazette last week (no link – I guess even the Gazette was […]

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