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Hezbollah’s latest cheerleader? None other than George Galloway:

Who’s surprised? (Hat tip: Eric).


British MP and general wackjob George Galloway has come under fire from Israel for promising to donate any money he wins from his participation on the reality show “Big Brother” to a terrorist front organization:

The Israeli embassy last night became the latest critic of George Galloway after it denounced him for choosing Interpal as his nominated Big Brother charity, claiming it is a front for Palestinian terrorists. The organisation vehemently denies the charge.

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However, UK ministers are coming under increased pressure to ban Interpal. In August 2003, the US administration claimed it was “a principal charity utilised to hide the flow of money to Hamas”, branded it a “specially designated terrorist” organisation and froze its assets in America.

Interpal was also banned by Israel in 1997.

Surprised? Nah, not really. Galloway’s true colours have been clear for a long time, and this is far from the most shocking thing he has done. Then again, raising money for terrorists who blow up innocent Israelis is probably considered a good thing in Galloway’s twisted mind.

(Hat tip: Tom).

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You thought he was an ideological antisemite, but it turns out he’s just another greedy political hack


Such disillusionmnent about George Galloway: Some 2,200 companies, including major concerns like DaimlerChrysler, Siemens and Volvo, made illicit payments totaling $1.8 billion to Saddam Hussein’s government under the U.N. oil-for food program, a report said on Thursday. [ . . . ] Among those named in the report as receiving oil vouchers that could be […]

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More from London


The casualty figures continue to mount. The latest numbers have 33 dead and over 300 injured. This does not include the people who were on the double-decker bus that was torn apart near Tavistock Square. The claim of responsibility from an Al Quaeda group also contains threats against Italy and Denmark: “We still warn the […]

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Blair poised for third term


It looks like today’s UK election will put Tony Blair’s Labour back into power, according to the latest polling data. My friends in England have their gripes about Blair, but on the international front he’s been reasonably solid. I’m sure this election will be anti-climactic and not much will change. Hey, anyone but George Galloway, […]

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