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Duceppe won’t run


Wow, I’m amazed… Gilles Duceppe is opting not to seek the PQ leadership and instead, to keep his job as leader of the Bloc Quebecois in Ottawa: Le chef du Bloc québécois, Gilles Duceppe, a annoncé ce matin à Ottawa qu’il renonçait à se lancer dans la course à la direction du Parti québécois. M. […]

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PQ leadership race


The PQ leadership race is shaping up to be interesting. Pauline Marois has already announced her candidacy and Francois Legault is expected to follow. But if Gilles Duceppe throws his hat into the ring, he’s almost certain to sweep the contest. Unfortunately, the PQ old guard is determined to take the party down the old […]

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Landry announces resignation


I guess the PQ is already gearing up for the next provincial election, as party leader Bernard Landry announced he will resign, paving the way for a new – and more charismatic – leader to be elected: Landry made the surprise announcement after getting a 76.2 percent confidence vote from party members at the Parti […]

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Bait and switch


Gilles Duceppe on June 27: “As I have said from the beginning, we won’t decide sovereignty on the 28th.” Gilles Duceppe on June 29: “We will carry through with this struggle until we reach the country we need to give ourselves.” Why does this not surprise me? The thing is, many of the people who […]

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This is sad


According to a CBC poll, us Canadians don’t know much about our government. Some interesting results of this poll: While only 84% of us could name our Prime Minister, 97% correctly named the President of the United States. And 17% of Quebecers thought that Gilles Duceppe was the leader of the opposition. Yes, these are […]

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It’s still close


One last thought on the election before I go to sleep: It’s still close. Many ridings were won with squeakers, and others are still undecided. With recounts, the results may still change enough to make a difference. At the moment, the NDP and Liberals are combining for 157 seats. Remember that 155 is needed for […]

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Election night results


7:30pm: It’s gonna be a long night. Despite the TV networks’ rush to predict the result first, I doubt anyone will know anything certain for quite some time. I will update the table above intermittently when candidates are declared elected, but I assume most people will be watching the coverage live. Instead, I’ll post some […]

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It’s not every day when…


I find myself agreeing with both Paul Wells and Antonia Zerbisias (both via Damian Penny). First, Paul Wells reacts to the debate: What a bunch of braying jackasses. What a pathetic embarrassment, the lot of them. And, believe it or not, uber-nitwit Antonia Zerbisias makes an actual good point (yes, it’s rare): If there was […]

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The English Debate


I was flying home from Toronto today but I caught snatches of the debate on the radio, and the end on television. Two thoughts were running through my head for most of the debate: That it was actually kind of funny, and would be even funnier if not for the sad fact that these are […]

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The French debates


The French election debate was a bit too boring to hold my interest for more than a few minutes. Predictably, Paul Martin came under attack, as did Stephen Harper. Also not too surprisingly, most of the commentary seems to agree that Gilles Duceppe scored the most points, and Bloc voters are unlikely to swing back […]

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