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Editorials all over the place today decrying Concordia’s decision:

From the Gazette:

“We were pleased to hear,” Lowy told us, “that it was Barak who was invited. Barak is quite different from Netanyahu. We were surprised to learn that there wasn’t a distinction made,” by some Muslim students and their allies.

Oh really? Then Concordia’s “risk-assessment team” is in for more surprises each time the extremists who won another round this week decide to escalate. How long will it be until some hapless professor who happens to be Jewish is deemed “a provocation” or “offensive” or “a supporter of war criminals”? When that happens will Concordia cave in again? No? Then why cave in this time?

From the Globe and Mail (subscription required):

Concordia University in Montreal has handed a stunning victory to the forces of violence and intimidation. By refusing to allow Ehud Barak, a former Israeli prime minister, to give a speech on campus, it has in effect handed a veto over free speech to those who would riot to make a point.

And from Monday’s Toronto Star:

But forced silence on controversial issues is a much greater threat to the university than protesters ever could be. By supplanting freedom of speech by forced silence, Concordia’s administrators have made a mockery of the university’s motto: “Real education for the real world.”


The Globe and Mail’s latest online poll asks readers who they think would be most to blame for the collapse of the “road map”: Palestinians, “Palestinian militants”, or Israelis. And at the moment, 67% have said Israelis.

These polls aren’t exactly scientific. I have to assume that some pro-Palestinian site is directing thousands of votes over there to flood the poll. But even at that, it seems pretty ridiculous, when you consider that the Palestinians have made absolutely zero steps towards fulfilling their end of the bargain, comapred to all the concessions Israel has made.